51 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Alpha – New York Times Bestseller”

    1. If he matches his publishing schedule he has to punch them twice a year for the next eight years…

  1. Sweet!

    I know that I’ve learned that your books are so amazing that they prevent traffic from stopping, and keep traffic lights from going red. All you need is an open copy of MHA sitting on your lap, waiting for traffic to stop so you can read a little more.

    The world is conspiring to prevent me from finishing this thing.

  2. Larry, every time you blow something up like this it just warms my heart. You have no idea how much fun it is to watch you bask in this. Outstanding!

  3. Just finished it last night. Larry, you have a gift for this stuff and we’re all grateful for the books. You need to make a tour down here in the Sunshine state.

    Oh and I, for one, welcome our new Lycanthropic Zombie Overlords.

  4. So now Baen should do a hard copy of MHI to capitalize so that all the MH series would be NYT best sellers!!!!

  5. I has to read mine faster’n a sumbitch cause I had two cranky wimmen waiting to grab it. So… Harbinger’s a werewolf, did I read that right?

  6. Larry,

    FInished My copy off in less than seven hours! My wife thought I was crazy. One of the best DAMN books I have read all year! I even went on Craigslist looking for a street sized snow blower! DAMN fine Work!!! Now My son has the copy now and he is reading faster than I did.

    Bayside EMT

  7. Great job, Larry! I’m still waiting for mine that I pre-ordered on Amazon a while back, so I might have to go buy one off the shelf if it doesn’t get here VERY soon. What’s that, you don’t mind if we buy multiple copies? 😉

  8. So that’s now 2x NYT Best Selling Author Larry Freakin’ Correia, is that right?
    Lets see if we can get the trifecta with Dead Six…

  9. Whee! Congrats and well done, sir. And it shows that your readers are obviously men and women of great discernment with excellent taste in reading material.

  10. For your next Milo Anderson weapon I suggest a Silver thermite grenade.

    Boom and FWOOSH at the same time followed by manianiacal laughter AND screams of the damned.

  11. I’m with Chris H – WELL DONE! (Big hearty pat on the back). Now stop slacking and get back to writing you big oaf!

  12. My Spousal Unit {SuperFod, when you sign his autographed copy}, was upset – here ya give Earl a romantic interest, and then she LEAVES for 2 years – of course, I told him that was only fair, and we’re breathlessly anticipating the NEXT Monster Hunter installment.

    BTW, just for S’s & G’s, for something to think about getting for Owen, or Julie, or Earl, or …………………………… ? Have you seen Beowulf?


    I THOROUGHLY enjoyed all 3 MH books – the Spousal Unit & I have both read the first 2 multiple times ………………………… still have to get the matching Magellan shirts, to put our MH patches on ………………………… 😉

    Semper Fi’ & keep up the good work!

  13. So awesome, I read the e-arc(darn Baen and their crack) and picked up a paperback so I can bring more minions into the fold.
    now tell me,.. where can I get my hands on the AS Val. and a couple thousand rounds of ammo 🙂

  14. Larry – any idea when Uncle Hugo’s is going to start shipping the signed copies? I ordered two and am just wondering.

  15. Hi Larry, (I suspect you’re not too into formality)

    Just a quick question as I didn’t see this info anywhere on the site. Can you let readers know when the fourth MHI book will be published?
    I’ve enjoyed all three, and especially like the POV switch in this latest one and learning Earl’s backstory via his journal.

    Linda J.

    1. “Movement”, hell–it’s a freakin’ WAY OF LIFE! MHI: Learn it, Live it, LOVE IT!!!

      My preorder’s waiting for Baen/S&S to get their act together and get the rest of what Uncle Hugo’s ordered to ’em…

      1. Which is a knock on print/ship bottleneck, not Baen or Uncle Hugo’s or necessarily even S&S.

  16. I finally got my pincers on A copy of MHA. I was supposed to pick up two copies, but the bookstore only had one. And now I have to share it.

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