Dead Six eARC, and an odd request for the Monster Hunter Nation

The Early Electronic Advanced Reader Copy of DEAD SIX is out now:  I hope you like it, because we had a ton of fun writing it. The paperback releases September 27th.

As many of you know, my co-author Mike Kupari is currently serving in Afghanistan.  He is an Air Force EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Tech, but is attached to an Army unit. For those of you that don’t know what EOD is, think of the movie Hurt Locker, only without all of the glaring technical errors, psychological issues, and homoerotic wrestling matches.  

Mike will still be in Afghanistan when Dead Six releases.

He has sporadic web access, and can’t really see the reviews that are coming in for the ARC. Some pages work fine for him (like WTA but he can’t get to Facebook or my blog for example), though his e-mail works.

So here is the special request part. Since Mike’s first book just came out, and all new authors are dying to get feedback on their first book, I want to compile a bunch of reviews and then send him a big list of them.  So if you’ve read the eARC, please post a review on the Baen Webscriptions page or post it below in the comments.  Details are great. It goes without saying that the comments section of this post has a major SPOILER ALERT.

Go ahead and be honest in your review, even if you didn’t like the book. I’ll be honest too… I’m totally going to cut and paste the good ones but I’m going to edit out all the negative comments before I e-mail it to him.  The dude has got enough stuff to worry about. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Dead Six eARC, and an odd request for the Monster Hunter Nation”

  1. Larry. . . will he be in the Rockpile for Christmas ? If so, he’s eligible for a Baen Bulk drop on him, or we can organize the Nation to do the same thing, only larger. . .

  2. Nice to know my fellow Air Force brother is doing so well. God bless Dude. I’m gonna buy Dead Six when it comes out and pass a few copies along to my buddies.

  3. I will totally get me a copy of Dead Six and will gladly pass on a review. Its because of guys like him that I get to read such awesome books, like the MHI series.

  4. I got to meet both you and Mike at SHOT Show this year – thanks for being such great guys! I’m about half way through the book and loving all of it. The references to conspiracy theories are great and I’m looking forward to all the new parts of the story that are different from the original on THR. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. I absolutely loved Dead Six, even though I had already read the Welcome Back, Mr. Nightcrawler thread at least twice. It may still be the same basic story, but the changes put into Dead Six made it even better.

    As far as technothrillers go, I’m not usually a fan of them anymore. Guys like Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler kind of bore me these days. I read it all before. Only a few authors of this genre can still hold my interest, but you guys beat them all.

    Dead Six is unique and refreshing, with plenty of action and humor, and I love the classic conspiracy theory references that you threw into the book. When I saw the reference to Majestic I laughed out loud. I love that wacky conspiracy stuff. And the great part is, you made the conspiracy stuff believable.

    Something that struck me while I was reading was that I found no point in the middle of the book where things began to drag. It just stayed interesting the whole way through. That doesn’t often happen.

    The thing I like about the characters is that they aren’t the usual technothriller heroes. The Jack Ryan and Dirk Pitt types are just getting repetitive to me. They’re too perfect; too “I can do anything with my cleft chin and my megawatt smile.” Too, “I’m from the government and I’m here to save you.”

    The Dead Six heroes aren’t perfect. They’re moody and hotheaded. They make mistakes. Most things don’t go their way. They are not government sanctioned. And yet, they get the job done, and always seem to do the right thing, even if they don’t mean to. The ex-mercenary and black bag warrior Valentine kicks Jack Ryan’s ass, and Dirk Pitt is a yawnfest compared to Lorenzo, the greatest thief in the world. So good job there. Love the characters, even the side characters, who usually don’t get much love.

    The sleezy Big Eddy is a great villain, and kind of a funny one, although I wished he got a little more face time, just to show what an evil bastard he really is, such as the little scene with him at the auction at the end of The Mr. Nightcrawler Trilogy: Book One. You really love to hate that guy.

    Larry, Mike; this is a great series. #7 top selling on the Men’s Adventure section of Amazon yesterday. Keep it up. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

  6. In my humble opinion the authors of ‘Dead Six’ took a story line from the ‘deep fat fried fantastic covered in awesome-sauce’ to a whole new level of literary feeding frenzy. The edginess and flaunting flare of a fledgling story is now the refined, dry aged porterhouse adventure we can sink our imagination into. The texture, taste, and real world feel of what a true story teller can present goes above and beyond. Kudos! My appetite has been whetted, gentlemen! Second course, please?

  7. I was a little uncertain going into this book if I was gonna like the style or not. I really enjoyed Monster Hunter and Grimnior, but I wasn’t so sure about a Clancy’esque techno triller along with a new co-author. It turns out I needed have worried the style and content of the book were handled wonderfully. It is certainly different and refreshing in comparison to Monster Hunter, but at the same time consistent and very much of the style I liked from other books by Larry. The duel and dueling perspective characters provided an excellent venue for the two authors and I love how both of the protagonists are very dark 3D characters. The book contained plenty of depth (7 hours for me to knock out vs 4 for Monster Hunter Alpha) and excellent pacing. I loved the references to real world things and events (Michael Moore, the kooky late night radio show) and the plot in general. The fact the scarab is never explained did annoy me, but in a good way that leaves me hungry for the next book. Overall an excellent read.

  8. I have read the sample chapters several times now, and I’m totaly hooked I can not wait for the book to come out! I love the dual view point and can’t wait to read how these two butt heads They are both stong characters with very likeable personalities Lorenzo and Valentine make it had to choose a favorite so for now I will say they both rock.It will be a treat to see where this book leads.

  9. My first exposure to y’all’s writing was the Welcome Back thread on THR. I enjoyed it so much that I began following Larry’s career, even though I hated monster books at the time (love them now, thank you Mr. Correia).

    Dead Six was more polished, more refined, better executed, and I enjoyed the ever living, ever loving hell out of it. That being said, I think I had more fun with the original. It had a quirky, serious-but-trying-really-hard-not-to-laugh quality to it that Dead Six lacks. I didn’t get the same “so there I was…” feel from D6, though I realize this was likely a necessary change due to the two character storylines.

    Bottom line, I loved Dead Six, will buy a copy when it comes out in paperback, and will buy any and all sequels.

    Many thanks to our Servicemen and women who make our freedoms possible. Stay safe out there.

  10. Rip-roaring awesomeness! Could not put my ereader down. It took me a bit to get a clue that the story was flipping between two POV, but that’s because I lack attention to detail. Going back and forth made the story richer. So-what is/was the deal with the scarab? What did you do with Val? Who is the guy that made Big Eddie scared? Inquiring minds and all that!

    One kid just got back from the Rock and another one is on his second tour. You stay safe there, Mike. And if you have to go to Kandahar area and run into a medic who has a chainsaw in the room, that’s my kid (long story!).

  11. I first discovered what would become Dead Six through the original Welcome Back Mr. Nightcrawler thread on THR, by way of Larry’s blog. I didn’t sleep for two days because I was addicted to the story. When I found out Larry and Mike were publishing this story, I was thrilled.

    Anyway, I just finished reading the e-ARC, and I have this to say:

    I am a hardcore thriller junkie, and am not easily impressed by new entries into the field. I’ve read pretty much every Tom Clancy novel (the ones he actually wrote, not the cruddy ghost-written stuff he’s putting out now), I’ve read Robert Ludlum, I’ve read Vince Flynn, I’ve read Stephen Hunter, I’ve read Alistair MacLean, and I’ve even read some Dale Brown (*gag*).

    Dead Six blows them all clean out of the water. This is easily the best techno-thriller I’ve read in years, and quite possibly the best one I’ve ever read period. The characters are well-developed and distinct. The story is quick, action packed, and never gets dull. The dialogue is witty and original. And the gun play (and gun pr0n) is spectacular.

    What drives me crazy about most stories, and thrillers in particular, is that the hero is always a morally-upright White Knight who always does The Right Thing because it’s The Right Thing, and never wavers in his righteousness. Not so in Dead Six. There are no good guys here: the protagonists are bad guy, they know it, and they don’t care. It’s only when they’re put into impossible situations by even worse men that they’re forced to do The Right Thing, not because they’re trying to be good, but because it’s the only way out. And even then, they liberally skirt the edges of darkness. I like that because that’s how the real world usually is.

    Larry, you’ve outdone yourself on this one. Mike, this is the kind of debut novel that most authors (myself included) dream about putting out. Congratulations, guys. I’m anxiously looking forward to the sequel (and there had darn well better be a sequel, or else I’ll sick Majestic on your @$$es!)

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