AEF Siberia, which got a mention in Grimnoir

Mike Thurman is one of my Facebook friends. (and if you’re on FB, send me a request).  He was reading Hard Magic and got to the mention of AEF Siberia – The Polar Bears, and it turns out that he works right next to a historical display about that relatively unknown military expedition.  So Mike has been kind enough to scan the pictures in and has been posting them to the Monster Hunter Nation group on FB. (yeah, and you can ask to join that too if you want) 🙂

Look at the guy on the right. Look at the cover of Hard Magic. Holy crap, it’s Sullivan!

GIs and Cossacks.



The Japanese in Vladivostok.

This was a fascinating chunk of history, and that’s why I stuck it in the book. (though my alternate-history version went down a lot different) This is the first time I’ve actually seen pictures of the real thing. Thanks, Mike.

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3 thoughts on “AEF Siberia, which got a mention in Grimnoir”

  1. Very interesting photos. I love the blending of history with fiction, it gives the stories so much depth and a connection to the real world. I’ve been working at doing this in my own writing lately.

  2. Larry;
    There’s a book on the Russian Expeditionary Force you might like.
    Originally published as “Ignorant Armies” (I think), it was reissued under the title “When Hell Froze Over” or something close to that.
    Can’t remember the author.

    I have it here somewhere but it is eluding my grasp this morning.

    There’s a museum and a monument to MI members of the force in Frankenmuth, MI. I have been meaning to go and see it but haven’t got there yet.

  3. There is a cemetery in Troy Michigan called White Chapel dedicated to the Mich.339 th. inf. regiment that fought in Russia with the 85th. Infantry div. These men were left behind and forgotten in Russia till there families raised hell to get them in 1920.Check it out.

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