Monster Hunter Alpha – Autographed copies




You can go here and read the free sample chapters.

Here is the preorder information for autographed copies of Monster Hunter Alpha from Uncle Hugo’s.

We are doing it a little bit differently this time. With Monster Hunter Vendetta, they shipped me several hundred pounds of books, I signed them all,and then shipped them to Minnesota. That was expensive. For Hard Magic, I flew out ot Minnesota and signed all the books. Also expensive. 🙂  So this time, I’m signing book-plate stickers. These have the MH logo, and I’m going to sign them, and then mail them to Uncle Hugo’s to stick inside the book. So you still get all my siggy goodness, (a squiggle and a doodle!), and I don’t have to fly anywhere. 🙂

We will be doing the same thing for Dead Six, because my co-author Mike Kupari is going to be in Afghanistan defusing roadside bombs on the release date. So Mike signed 300 D6 bookplates, and I’m going to sign them also and we’ll be sending those out to Uncle Hugos as well.

AEF Siberia, which got a mention in Grimnoir
MHI sightings around the world