MHI sightings around the world

I love when fans send me pictures. Attached are a bunch that I’ve gotten recently. If I’ve missed yours, I apologize.

Nancy Randall spots one of our branch offices

Sinistral Rifleman representing at the MGM Ironman.

And several shots from Aggie Con in Texas where there was an entire contingent of MHI themed costumes, including MCB agents, Orcs, and trailer park elves!




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14 thoughts on “MHI sightings around the world”

  1. It’s A-Kon, not Aggie Con! I believe, the largest Anime/Cosplay convention in the Southern U.S.

    I, uhhh, recognized the air bridge there of the Adam’s Mark hotel in downtown Dallas, where the convention has been held for the last few years…and it was uhh, just last weekend…

    Ya…I recognized it.


  2. We had tons of fun, gave out a couple patches and even a few books that we liberated from the local Borders when they had their going out of business sale.

    It was good meeting you Matt.

  3. Obviously Agent Franks was not present or the MCB guy would not have been on the receiving end of a (probably well deserved) beat down.

  4. Got a pic of myself on my Facebook at a party in a “MHI Light Gear” kitout.

    Had a G36c replica with a mag that I pulled the fake ammo from and painted the “bullet” portion silver. Good times.

  5. Holy crap! If you guys watch nothing else on the Ironman 3 gun page, watch the third stage!

    I wish I lived closer to places like this. 🙁

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