5 thoughts on “Interview with the man that did my Monster Hunter audio books”

  1. Yayyy! I was looking for that one. Any word as to the release date for the audiobook of Monster Hunter Alpha?


  2. They need an editor; he spelled it “shuggoth.” 😉

    Oh, and Larry, I don’t know if some other pedantic asshole has pointed this out to you yet, but I was re-reading MHI for something like the third or fourth time the other day, and I spotted two anachronisms (well, one definite, one possible anachronism).

    The first one was the mention of the Department of Homeland Security. Near as I can work out the time line in the book, the events in MHI took place sometime in the summer of 2002 (which would be the “six years” after the Dec. 15th, 1995 party/incident; well, six and a half years). Problem is that DHS wasn’t formed until November of 2002.

    The second was the FN SCAR Owen took off of a federal agent. Near as I can run down, the FN SCAR wasn’t designed until 2003 or 2004, with the first prototype being produced in late 2004. Maybe I’m wrong and they had it working before then, but I can’t find anything on the ‘nets to confirm that.

    Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up…although it is admittedly three years too late. XD

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