Dead Six, Chapter Titles

The final edits of Dead Six are done and it has been sent off to Toni so that we can have an eARC before the paper release.  I’m really proud of this one. It is a thriller, but it is unlike any thriller I’ve ever read before.  Mike and I added chapter titles also, and I thought that I’d share them with you guys:

Prologue: Cold Open

Chapter 1: Job Security

Chapter 2: If You Die, They Don’t Have to Pay You

Chapter 3: The Zoob

Chapter 4: Secondary Target

Chapter 5: Grand Theft Auto

Chapter 6: From Sea to Shining Sea

Chapter 7: Black Helicopters

 Chapter 8: The Intern

Chapter 9: The To-Do List

Chapter 10: Hurt

Chapter 11: For the Good of the People

Chapter 12: Broken Arrow

Chapter 13: Hasa Market

Chapter 14: Anger Management

Chapter 15: Pancakes

Chapter 16: Surface Tension

Chapter 17: The Coup

Chapter 18: Civil War

Chapter 19: Best Laid Plans

Chapter 20: Rain

Chapter 21: Nefarious Master Plan

Chapter 22: Casualties

Chapter 23: The Heist

Chapter 24: Welcome Back, Mr. Nightcrawler

Chapter 25: Undocumented

Chapter 26: Quagmire

Chapter 27: Last of the Gunslingers

Chapter 28: The Calm

Chapter 29: Dropped Call

Chapter 30: What Happens in Vegas…

Epilogue: Requiem

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22 thoughts on “Dead Six, Chapter Titles”

  1. The titles for Chapters 2, 5, 21, and 24 (especially 21 and 24) are AWESOME! Well, all the titles are AWESOME!, but those four even moreso. Can’t wait until September!

  2. It takes a heck of a good writer to be able to keep up with NYTBSA Larry F Correia, but Mike pulls it off seemingly effortlessly. We all know about Larry’s writing, but let me just say that Mr. Kupari can definitely hold his own! Before you know it, he’ll be NYTBSA/EOD M.F. Kupari… 😀 (wow- that kinda looks like an eye chart)

    1. It’s interesting, though, that originally Dead Six came about by Larry butting in on Mike’s story…

    1. Same here.I think I’ve read them and the “So there I was…” original story more than I have the Horus Heresy novels (and considering how much I love them, that’s a damn lot!)

  3. Read the “original” on THR, while at work, over a period of several days. I may have to register there, just so I can contact Larry and Mike and request the hinted-at PDF version! As it is…..its gonna be a LOOOOOONG summer, waiting for the book release!

  4. I read that way back as it was being rolled out on THR. It was so awesome and I’m sure it has only gotten better as it was refined. I can’t wait to read it “again”. Any thoughts on signed copies? I usually buy multiple signed copies.

  5. This, THIS is why I absolutely NEVER read any of Larry’s sample chapters any more.
    This is just too awesome to have to wait for the book. WHY, why must we be made to suffer and wait for the awesomeness?
    Can you give a book five stars based solely on the chapter titles? This one deserves it!

  6. Don’t forget your fans in New York on your book tours. It’s true, you have buds behind enemy lines!

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