Come and see me in Huntington Beach

We’re leaving San Diego now and are on the way to Huntington Beach. Come and see me at the B&N at 2:00-4:00. 

Myterious Galaxy last night was awesome, as was Poisoned Pen the night before. Both of those places brought in extras of the limited edition hard covers for me to sign if you guys want one.  Lots of stuff so far this trip, and will blog about it when I’ve got more time.

Monster Hunter Alpha eARC available NOW!
BIG ANNOUCEMENT! I've sold the rights to MHI for a TV show.

14 thoughts on “Come and see me in Huntington Beach”

  1. Larry, when are you gonna come visit your fans up in the Northeast?

    Also, the postman just dropped off my signed copy of Hard Magic! And I totally geeked out when I realized what the package was (and freaked Mama Raptor out big time…)

  2. *Sigh* What Raptor said. Except for the getting of a Hard Cover edition of Hard Magic. Though that is coming soon to my home! Love ya, Larry! Keep up the good works!
    And spoil your Mrs. a lot!

  3. That was pretty fun. I don’t think I ever went to a writer’s bookstore event before. It took the writer of the Monster Hunter books to get me off my butt. Although I consider myself a reader and not a writer, I even enjoyed the writing question/answers. It seems that you’ve got more events in UT normally, so Once I’m moved, maybe I can catch some more events.

  4. Larry,

    Great to see you today in Huntington Beach. We had a great time. Already ordered my Hardcover from Mysterious Galaxy. Hope you both had a good safe drive. Hard Magic started out great. I just have to keep it out of my wife’s hands till I am done. Unless I get the HC soon.

  5. Larry, I just finished “Hard Magic,” and it was every bit as awesome as I expected. Your action scenes did not disappoint! As your (un)official TVtropes liaison, I put up the beginnings of an article for it (

    There was just one thing that bugged me. As an aspiring writer myself, I couldn’t help but notice that you had a LOT of passive voice. It tended to make the descriptions feel kind of distant.

  6. I finished Hard Magic last night and it blew me away. And the “user’s guide” in the back pages were like the icing on the cake. It helps the reader keep the various powers and abilities straight.

    I think the most interesting power and perhaps the most dangerous is the Cog. Any chance Cog created robots, cyborgs, and or power armor suits will be featured in future Grimnoir books?

  7. Powells in Beaverton frikken Oregon has signs up all over about your upcoming visit, and a display rack full of Hard Magic as you walk in the mall side of the store.

    Unfortunately you scheduled it when the wife and I are off to an undisclosed location for our 10th anniversary.

    I’m taking my copy of Hard Magic for the plane ride, though…

  8. Just want to say it was a great pleasure to meet you and Bridget at Dark Carnival in Berkeley last Sunday. My tall red-haired son instigated the trip. Thanks. Looking forward to many more books (and “Christmas (noun)s” from you. All the best to you and yours.

  9. Someone got the eARC for Monster Hunter Alpha, and I’m not one to rub it in usually, but daaaaaaaamn… 🙂

  10. Mr Correia,

    Had a great time speaking with you and your lovely wife. My Family, (well short of My daughter) enjoy the trip over the hills to see you. I just finished off My copy of Hard Magic. Loved it, and for some strange reason it read better, maybe it was that penmanship in the front of the book. Please come back around and see us in the bay again!


    Ps the patch is on My first out airway bag all ready!

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