Hard Magic releases in a couple of days!

This is really exciting for me. The Grimnoir Chronicles are something new and different, and Hard Magic is the first non-Monster Hunter book I’ve released. So fingers crossed that this one does well.

I’m flying to Minnesota this weekend to sign at Uncle Hugos. Quick reminder, if you guys want an autographed copy, order it from him. (you’re almost out of time) I’ll be personalizing them while I’m there.  http://www.unclehugo.com/prod/ah-correia-larry.php 

EDIT:  Don’t forget that there is only a single run of hard covers. Everything else is paperback. So if you want one of the limited hard covers, order one, reserve one, or snag one quick next week.

It is showing in stock on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Hard-Magic-Book-Grimnoir-Chronicles/dp/1439134340/ref=pd_sim_b_1   And you can now post reviews.  So if you are one of the folks that read the Hard Magic e-book or eARC already, please please please please, go post an honest review on Amazon.

The eBook came out last week, so if you’ve got a Nook, Kindle, or other eReader, you can get it here for only $6. http://www.webscription.net/p-1327-hard-magic-book-i-of-the-grimnoir-chronicles.aspx  Plus you can read the first quarter of the book for free.

My first book signing of the epic mega tour will be in Layton next Tuesday night. This is my only Utah signing I’ve got on the calender. So if you are local, come on by.  Here are all the tour dates:

Uncle Hugo’s – Minneapolis, MN  April 30th 1-3PM

Barnes & Noble – Layton, UT May 3rd 5-8PM

Poisoned Pen, – Scottsdale, AZ May 5th 7PM

Mysterious Galaxy – San Diego, CA May 6th 6PM

Barnes & Noble – Huntington Beach, CA May 7th 2PM

Dark Carnival – Berkeley, CA May 8th 2-4PM

Powells – Beaverton, OR May 11th 7PM

University Bookstore – Seattle, WA May 13th 7PM

Aunties Bookstore – Spokane, WA May 14th 3PM

Hastings – Boise, ID May 15th 2PM (I know there is more than one, I’ll find out which and post it)

My audio books are doing really well!
An interview with Editor Jim Minz, and he says nice stuff about me

24 thoughts on “Hard Magic releases in a couple of days!”

  1. Sent my review in, should be up there shortly :-).

    Now hurry up and write the second book so I can find out what happens :-P.

  2. You’re going to Berzerkeley!

    Dude. Be careful. You might explode when you hit the border like undead do when they come in range of the you-know-what.

    1. Oh, also, you got any idea how long it’ll be until there’s a normal paperback sized mass-market paperback edition of Hard Magic?

  3. Our order is already in for personalized copies of both limited hardbound and paperback versions form Uncle Hugo’s and we have a loaner copy on preorder from Amazon. Just doing our small part to boost the sales and promote the book.

  4. Once again I ordered one from Uncle Hugo’s and one from Amazon. I want the special hardcover but I really don’t want to wait around for it (too impatient) so I’ll get the trade paperback on the release date and have a nice hardcover for my shelf.

  5. Signed copies looming on calendar event horizon – SQUEEE!

    I don’t ever, EVER do the ‘sq*&^%’ thing, just shows exactly what a big deal this is.

  6. I’ve already ordered my signed hardcopy from Uncle Hugos. It will be Mother’s Day weekend but I’m hoping to get down to Huntington Beach to meet you and get some more autographed books. I’m also trying to drag a couple guys from work along too.

  7. This time I have promised myself that I will really wait until Amazon has the chance to deliver my copy instead of running right out to the bookstore.
    And I really mean it this time, too!
    six more days…

  8. After liking MHI as much as I did I got the Hard Magic e-ARC from Baen and just ordered a signed copy from Uncle Hugo. Review is posted on Amazon as well. Seriously enjoying the books. Very much lookin forward to both series continuing along with whatever other stories you’ve got bouncing around up there.

  9. Ok, so now that you are a big time author and not just local boy makes good, you need to do Owen a good turn, and hold a book signing in Texas. I myself would prefer Houston… but with all the gun freaks in this state, a few well placed posts on a few popular gun blogs and you would pack the house! I have followed you from the beginning, and would love the chance to meet you in person!

    Also, I just turned a former Marine friend on to MHI this week, and he is HOOKED. I am getting bitched out because he is falling asleep at work after staying up all night reading. HA!

    Best of luck with GCHM! Can’t wait for my signed copy from Uncle Hugo’s.

  10. I’ve got the Hard Magic eBook, and I love it! However, since I exclusively use Barnes and Noble for my non-Baen purchases, I’ll post my review there – also, no one has reviewed it on B&N, while many have reviewed Hard Magic on Amazon.

  11. I’ve a hardcover on order from Hugos.

    I am really glad they made a hardcover run. While I bought the E-arc, I can’t get attached to electronic paper…

    And hard paper is even better 😀

  12. Hey Larry,

    #2,130 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

    #43 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Magic & Wizards

    Good job, but I know MHN: It could be HIGHER…

  13. Larry,
    Just finished Hard Magic. I think it’s your best yet, and I thought the others were top notch! Thanks for another good read. I’m off to Amazon to post a review.

  14. I spent most of today finishing the ebook of “Hard Magic”. WOW, what a ride! I agree with Rich Swift – I really liked MHI and MHV, but they pale in comparison to HM!

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