Here are the Hard Magic book tour dates.  If you’re in the area, (and by area, I’m meaning most of the western US and Minnesota) drop by and say hi.

Uncle Hugo’s – Minneapolis, MN  April 30th 1-3PM

Barnes & Noble – Layton, UT May 3rd 5-8PM

Poisoned Pen, – Scottsdale, AZ May 5th 7PM

Mysterious Galaxy – San Diego, CA May 6th 6PM

Barnes & Noble – Huntington Beach, CA May 7th 2PM

Dark Carnival – Berkeley, CA May 8th 2-4PM

Powells – Beaverton, OR May 11th 7PM

University Bookstore – Seattle, WA May 13th 7PM

Aunties Bookstore – Spokane, WA May 14th 3PM

Hastings – Boise, ID May 15th 2PM

Happy Easter from the Monster Hunter Nation
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23 thoughts on “BOOK TOUR DATES!”

  1. Nuts, I wish there was a Colorado date in there somewhere. I think David Weber was the only author that’s been in Denver on a tour in this century.

    Or sure feels like it. John Ringo mentioned one time that they had approached “Tattered Cover” bookstores in Denver and were turned down. Damned hippies.

    1. I vote for Colorado too. It’s a shame ‘Little Bookshop of Horrors’ isn’t around anymore. It would be the perfect venue.

  2. Any chance you might bring some patches along with you? We’d love to buy up a few from you, if there’s room in your luggage. Looking forward to your appearance at Uncle Hugo’s!

  3. Screwed “”Tattered Cover” in Denver. Just hit the B&N. We don’t have independent book stores that are not run by commies in Colorado – they only survive because they sell Leftie stuff. The one in Boulder would make Mao and Che proud.
    You show up at the Colorado Springs, CO north end B&N, you’ll get the AF cadets, and the military/defense people on the North end. The South store is nice, but it’s too close to the free fire zone.
    You could also try a game store here – parking is the bitch. Hell, I’d even go to the Borders in Chapel Hills Mall for your book signing.
    The US Army guys will carpool up from Ft Carson, and we’ll make sure the people at Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB and Cheyenne Mt AFB all get their orders in and done too.
    There are probably 40-50,000 military people in COS, not counting the retired, former and defense people, plus just military SF fans.
    We know who you are … Just come here. Please?

      1. Third’d, or 3rd’d (Is that a word?) I’m there if you’re in any part of the state. I’m up Denver (well Morrison) way but I’d give rides to folks on the way down towards Colorado Springs as well.

  4. I mean Colorado Springs. Screw Denver, it’s full of commies – all the military people are down in COS. Well, Denver has some defense people and one base, Buckley, but they can come down here and spend money. No money for the commies in the Peoples Republic of Denver.

    1. Would like to know the answer to this as well. May not be able to make it in any case, I wrecked my bike a few weeks ago and have some busted ribs and a broken leg to deal with right now.

  5. Larry,

    Mel and I are going to do our level best to be there at Aunties in Spokane on the 14th. It’s a great store by the way, and its only about 70 minutes from our house.

    Drop us a line if you have time for dinner after. Theres a few good places in the area.

  6. @Adam – Larry is on Baen’s site as being at Dragon*Con this year, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. He was at LibertyCon in East Ridge, TN, right across the state line, last July.

  7. I’ll second the “see no dates for Texas here”. College Station would be nice – there’s a B&N here, and a Hastings, and TXGunGeek and I would buy you dinner.

    1. I hit Texas in 2009, and will be going back again in the future. (planning on 2012) I love Texas. 🙂

  8. Larry — I encourage you to come EAST of the Missisippi. I can guarantee a great turnout for appearances in, say, Nashville, Atlanta, and of course Birmingham.

  9. I’ll be seeing you in Huntington Beach, just in time before I move to UT. Sorry we couldn’t do something about the CCW situation for you before your visit.

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