I'm taking requests for Grimnoir quotes

As many of you know, my novel Hard Magic, Book 1 of the Grimnoir Chronicles is coming out soon.  Each chapter starts with a world building quote:  http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2009/12/13/all-the-grimnoir-quotes/  (here they are all if you’re curious)

The reason I do this is that it enables me to show a whole bunch of how this world is different than ours, without getting bogged down in a bunch of superflous worldbuilding (whee look how clever I am!). I’ve had a bunch of people who’ve read the eARC contact me and ask questions about “So what happened to so and so?” or “so how did this historical event turn out?” “How does such and such work in a magical world?”  Well, I’d love to answer those questions. 

So I still need to write several chapter opening quotes for Spellbound, Book 2 of the Grimnoir Chronicles. Do you guys have any requests? What would you like to read about? Any historical events, people, culture, history? I’m curious what you’d like to see. It would need to be between 1850 and February 1933, with the differences growing bigger over time. 

So let me know. I take requests. I’m flexible like that. 🙂

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