Reminder, running out of the limited edition autographed hard covers 

I talked to Don Blyly this morning at Uncle Hugos. I’m flying out there at the end of April to autograph a whole bunch of books (including personalizations if you request them). He ordered early to make sure they will be there in time.

There are only a few thousand hard covers getting printed but tons of trade paperbacks. Don has sold through most of the hard covers that he’s ordered already, so if you want one, you should probably go order it now. He doesn’t charge until the order ships.

Once I get back from Minnesota, then I’m leaving on the mega-trip across the west.

P.S. I’ve mentioned this before, but if you haven’t sent in your Hugo nominations and you’re attending or have attended WorldCon so you’re eligible to vote, I’m eligable for the Campbell award this year for best new writer, as are my friends Dan Wells and John Brown. Writing Excuses is a related work, as is the excellent Elitist Book Reviews site. Brad Torgersen (Outbound), Eric James Stone (Levithan whom thou hast made) have eligable shorts and novellas that are awesome. Best graphic story has got to be Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler.  Toni Weiskopf, Laura Haywood Cory, and Jim Minz are all up for best editor.  So if you can, go nominate! The deadline is very soon.

The first MHI audiobook review
Here are the audiobooks for MHI and MHV!! Yay!