Here are the audiobooks for MHI and MHV!! Yay!

Unabridged and read by the very talented Oliver Wyman!

Monster Hunter International


Monster Hunter Vendetta 

I have not even listened to these yet! (I’m going to remedy that shortly)

Let me tell you about how professional Oliver Wyman is. Every time there was some weird gun/monster word that was either obscure and hard to pronouce (Or I’d just made it up) he contacted me. We talked about where every character was from for their accents and cadence. Acronyms, spelled out? Oliver was a pro the entire time.

So now you can take MHI and MHV on your commute. These are unabridged, so they are epic in size. This is the kind of audio book that would’ve come on 20 CDs back in ye olde tymes.

Plus, if you join Audible through my friends at Writing Excuses, you get a FREE trial, so you can check out my audio books for free.

Reminder, running out of the limited edition autographed hard covers
Why not as many big blog posts lately?

13 thoughts on “Here are the audiobooks for MHI and MHV!! Yay!”

  1. Epic in size? Put together they’re just barely longer that Patrick Rothfuss’ ‘Wise Man’s Fear’.

    But seriously, snagged, spent two of my audible credits on them. I’ve got another 6 hours to go on my current audiobook listen so it’ll probably be next week before I can start them though.

  2. Awesome, I’m downloading them now. I’ll burn through them in 3 days, easy, while getting caught up on my calculus II… sigh.

    I’m glad you’re confident in the reader. I’m always a little doubtful about listening to the audiobook of a favorite story because from that point forward, I will always “hear” the reader’s portrayal of the voices when I read the paper version.

  3. Glad to see this – I’ve been probing for the books at Audible for weeks now, so these will move to the top of my buying list. Perfect books for grinding away on the elliptical torture devices!

  4. Excellent! I was just going to use my credits for something else this month, but oh well…


  5. Everyone,

    Don’t forget to rate the books after you buy them and they are in your library.


    1. Yes, download the digital program and plug the headphone output jack into your tape deck’s auxiliary input.

  6. I have been waiting for these audiobooks for a while, any word on an audio version of grimnoir?

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