Why not as many big blog posts lately?

I’ve still been posting, but they’ve mostly been small things or book updates. There hasn’t been any little fiction, reviews, or political rants lately, mostly because I’ve got an absolutely killer deadline to meet for Grimnoir 2. (MHA & D6 are done and in).

A slot opened up much earlier than expected and my publisher offered it to me. This wasn’t the kind of thing that you turn down. However, when I agreed that I could have the whole novel written in 4 months, I kind of forgot about the multiple cons in there, some events, a few booked weekends, and two annual audits at my day job (got to love the 1st quarter!).

I will have the book done in time. For example, I wrote 14,000 words this weekend, so I am on track. However, that’s cut into the blogging time. So I’m still here, and I still love you all. (in a strictly platonic sense of course) 🙂

Here are the audiobooks for MHI and MHV!! Yay!
Why the Monster Hunter Nation is so awesome

13 thoughts on “Why not as many big blog posts lately?”

  1. Don’t worry LC, the books are more important, we can hold on for blog posts.

    Of course, we would never say no to an occasional blog post or two… or three

  2. Yes, agree with all that was said; Tom Stranger episodes can wait in line for the next Grimnoir novel.

    Once it’s done however…

  3. Agree with all of the comments before. With all the bookedy goodness comeing our way, who are we to complain about shorter and less frequent blog posts? We’re the Monster Hunter Nation. We can wait a while with so much waiting for us. 😀

  4. “So I’m still here, and I still love you all. (in a strictly platonic sense of course) :)”

    Even liberals and poor deluded Glock lovers?

    Because I happend to be both 😀

  5. cool cool. that’s great news.

    if i might, once you are ready to write blog post. perhaps, your views on Michigan? i would love to hear your views on the subject. this is the first new governor. since, i started to pay attention to such things.

  6. Gotta say, as a former resident of Alabama (currently in Pensacola FL) the regional references in MHI/MHV rock. But then again you had me at the first chapter – I confess I’m hooked. Now I have to go out and buy Hard Magic as well as downloading the audio-books. And Glock geeks, we SERIOUSLY need to look at getting the MHI logo on a back plate from Lone Wolf or one of the other custom laser engraving outfits.

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