Why the Monster Hunter Nation is so awesome

Yesterday I posted that Dead Six had gone up on Amazon for pre-ordering. The cover isn’t even there. Heck, my co-author doesn’t even show up on it yet. (I will get that fixed) It was at ranked at one and a half million and something out of five million books.


Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #13,931 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

He he he… And I don’t even know what Men’s Adventure is!  But our book that isn’t out for 7 months is in the top 100 of it. 🙂

EDIT: Just looked, apparently “Men’s Adventure” is where they put Clive Cussler, Conan, and Fight Club. Okay, I can handle that. Though it looks like we’re actually #76 if you scroll down the list.  Hmm… to get into the top 100 on fantasy I need to be in the top 4,000 or so overall. This genre must not be as competitive.

EDIT: Looks like I book bombed myself.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #11,909 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

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24 thoughts on “Why the Monster Hunter Nation is so awesome”

  1. Cussler? You’re punching way below your weight there, at least skill-wise. You’ve got far better writing than that. If we can just get you better sales as well, all will be right. Now where did I put my debit card?

  2. Larry, it’s what use to be known as “Pulp Fiction”–they stuck Cussler, Clancy & Co. in there ‘cuz they didn’t want ’em polluting the same section as their precious Libtard Lit and Don DeLillo bullshit.

    Sorry to break it to ya, but you’re in good company: this is where they send everything fiction they look down their nose at, which includes most Westerns too–so you’re in the company of Cussler and Louis L’Amour, none too shabby company to keep.

  3. A selection from that category:

    Classic Westerns, 25 Zane Grey Novels with Active Table of Contents

    Fight Club: A Novel

    Rainbow Six

    The Collected Works of Jules Verne: 36 Novels and Short Stories (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)

    With the exception of Clancy, I’d say you’re in good company (dude, they categorized you with Jules friggin Verne!)

  4. Men’s Fiction. I really wish they would find another name for that…it just doesn’t sound right. But I already started promoting the hell out of Dead Six among my friends.

  5. Has Mike signed up for Author Central yet, Larry? I had to do that before I was able to actually say “Hey Amazon, I really am an author!”.

  6. Just pre-ordered Dead Six and MH-Alpha. Can’t imagine why I missed Alpha, I thought I had them all. Oh well, I’ve got them all pre-ordered, so now I wait…

  7. Met the man at Stellarcon and was really impressed. He read from Hard Magic and MH: Alpha, and it looks to be the best MH yet. Larry, hope you come back to NC, and try your hand at some 1000 yard shooting, you got my card!

  8. I was reading MHI again and I realized you only killed 5 of the 7 master vampires: 4 during the fight scene at DeSoya Caverns, and the fifth when Owen killed Jaeger.

    1. 4 got stuck in the mortar bombardment. 1 opened the portal directly from the cavern, got blown up by Holly, and then fought Earl one on one. Owen got Jaeger. That left one. SPOILER ALERT!!! And we all know who she is. 🙂

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