2 year anniversary of my current job

Today is my two year anniversary of being at my current job as the Finance Manager at Woodbury Technologies.  If you’re a military contract officer, and you need an 8A that rocks in IT, Engineering, Training, or Medical, I know somebody… I’m just saying.

I don’t talk too much about my regular day job on my blog for a couple of reasons. First, you guys usually tune in because of my fiction related stuff, political rants, or gun stuff. (speaking of which, I’m overdue to post a report on the 10mm Pocket Rifle, a post about union school teachers, and a Tom Stranger related episode called Mustache & the Fat Man, darn deadlines… TGC:2 has to be done by April)  However, I’ve still got a normal job. I do most of my writing on nights and especially weekends.  

I really do like my job. Honestly, I’ve got about the best accounting job an accountant could ever hope for. My company is awesome. The crew that I’ve got here is all a bunch of professionals. My boss is great, and not exaggerating (and she doesn’t read my blog either, so I’m not sucking up) she is the best boss I’ve ever had.

Basically, my job goes something like this. Here is the work. Make it good. Period. Unlike my prior decade trapped in the corporate world, where you’re constantly micro-managed, here nobody tells me what to do. Nobody babysits me.  I’m a professional. I either know how to do it, or I learn how to do it.  I set my own schedule. I work from home when I need to. And I get paid well because I’m very good at what I do.

The company is honest, staffed with professionals, works hard, and we get to serve the war fighter. So in some small way I can say that I help keep F-16s in the air, and that is pretty darn sweet.

So, people ask me all the time, since my writing career has taken off, why do I still have a day job? Well, it is because I’ve blundered into an accountant’s dream job. Now if I were still a tiny cog in a gigantic corporate machine, I would’ve bailed the second I got my first royalty check. Now, I don’t mind having two jobs.

Eventually I’ll just be a full time writer, but I’m going to pay the house off first. My boss knows this, and I keep her updated about every book deal so she’ll know when we have to start training my replacement, whoever that lucky accountant may be. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “2 year anniversary of my current job”

    1. You know, after coming up with a couple of different posts I honestly could not say it any better than this.

      1. You too can enjoy two lovely jobs. All you have to do is offer up your unborn children to Cthulhu. Why do you think Larry lives in the mountains?

  1. Hmmm..I guess this makes you the World’s first Mercenary Sci-Fi Combat Novelist Accountant With a Degree in NYTBSA, Kick A, and all around family man.

  2. I have a “book keeper mind” so I can’t help but number check. Glad to see you kept most of them straight. (Some of my favorite authors must have trouble counting their toes and coming up with the same number twice.)

    Question that’s bugged me for a while: What effect would biting someone who drank colloidal silver have on a werewolf or vampire? Someone who had been bit, drinking CS?

  3. Actually, if you really are interested in getting into/returning to the contracting world, now is the time. A couple of the big players are adding staff right now.

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