Look, I found a hat that fits! or Correia, P.I.

My new hat enables me to channel my inner Jake Sullivan. The 1917 I’ve had for a long time, but it increases my Grimnoir street cred.

As somebody who has published a novel set in 1932, it was downright criminal that I didn’t have a proper hat. How can you write about the time “when men wore hats” if you don’t┬áhave a proper hat? Problem is, I have a ginormous head. I’m like an 8 3/4 or 9, which is about the same diameter as a bowling ball. But last week I finally found a fedora that fits my enormous head!

My wife thinks it is odd that I’ve been wearing it around the house and reffering to her as a “classy dame”. Since I was wearing my suit this morning to go to church anyway, I felt the need to put on my new hat, grab my S&W 1917 (which is the only period correct handgun I’ve got currently), and had my daughter take a picture with my iPhone.

When somebody finally makes a Hard Magic movie, I’m going to demand that I get to be an extra.

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