HARD MAGIC eARC available NOW!


SQUEEEEeeeee! That link will take you to Baen’s Webscriptions. The Electronic Advanced Reader Copy has just been posted for download.

For those of you that don’t know, an eARC is something distinctly Baen. On books where this is a lot of demand, they will release a super early electronic version to read off your computer or to download to your Nook or Kindle. You guys want to know how early this is? I just got my PDF printouts to check for errors and typos TODAY.

eARCs are more expensive ($15) than a standard Baen eBook ($6), but you get it several months early. So if you’ve been itching to read the rest of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic, now is your chance to get an early peek.

Oh, and of course you totally have to post here to let me know what you think of it. Try to avoid spoilers for everybody else.  🙂

EDIT: Once you read it, please post honest reviews on the Baen Webscriptions page and also anywhere else, blogs, tell your friends, graffiti, etc.  Thanks!

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