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  1. I heard OSC had a stroke sometime in early January, I wonder if he’s doing alright? Also I just picked up Kratman’s new book yesterday!

  2. It’s interesting how certain views dominate certain markets. Right-wing stuff has undoubtedly conquered talk radio and cable news (the latter has more liberal content available, but ratings wise it’s no comparison), while left wing stuff seems to hold most of the news papers, magazines, and network tv.

    I wonder if it’s because fantasy and sci-fi is so similar to the cowboy epics that many conservatives hold so dear. The idea of the individual striking out on a grand adventure, with at most a small group, certainly has a romantic quality to it, one that’s easily compatible with the individualism that libertarianism and some veins of republicanism expose.

    All I know is that Dead Six is going to destroy any sense of productivity in my life from the moment it goes on sale until I read the last sentence.

  3. I’m not sure “conservative” is the right term. Unless they really mean “Conservative back to 1781”, which, these days, seems to really mark you as some sort of crazy-ass libertarian.

    Liberal – “I want things to change!”

    Conservative – “I want things to stay like they are right now!”

    Libertarian – “I want everyone to play by the rulebook!”

    Anarchist – “Leave me alone!”

  4. I don’t want that to be true. Otherwise, I’d have to resort to hack work like Night of the Blood Jihad in order to sell anything.

    Nobody outcrazies Simmons. Nobody.

  5. This was a rather fascinating article, given the fact that I’ve been spending the last two years ranting a bit about SF’s political failure — ignoring the small-c American mainstream audience in favor of more Leftist, more stuck-in-the-head, more literary works. I don’t think it’s an accident that SF’s overall marketshare keeps declining, while Fantasy has exploded. Fantasy is a place where you can still talk about Good and Evil in terms an average American can understand. Too much SF has literally abandoned these concepts and in any given SF story or book it can sometimes be difficult to identify who the bad guys are, who the good guys are, or what the hell they’re even fighting about.

  6. This was the money quote. I’m laughing my keister off.

    “Just because I believe that I shouldn’t have to give half of my income to pay for ACORN’s Honduran sex slaves doesn’t make me a bad person.”

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