I was the #1 bestseller at Uncle Hugo's in 2010

http://unclehugo-edgar.livejournal.com/182316.html  Though Lois Bujold took me in dollars, what with her fancy hard covers. But still, if you’re going to lose, you might as well lose to somebody that awesome. 🙂

Uncle Hugo’s is one of the biggest stores in the country. They are who introduced me to Baen back when I was self-published, and if you recall, that’s where I steered the blog traffic for autographed copies when MHV came out. I’ll be flying out there in May to sign a bunch of hard covers of Hard Magic too.

I made the Locus Bestseller list again
DEAD SIX cover art by Kurt Miller

10 thoughts on “I was the #1 bestseller at Uncle Hugo's in 2010”

  1. That’s awesome, but not surprising for books that awesome. It was a good deal to do the signed copies. I’d do that again for any future novels.

  2. Larry doesn’t need no stinkin’ hardcovers. He hits bestseller status with paperbacks alone because he has that much awesomesauce in his writing.

    Yes, I went there. Awesomesauce. Worship the greatness of the purveyor of awesomesause…

  3. Congratulations Larry. Very well deserved for such awesome writing. The signed copies I bought from Uncle Hugo’s are proudly and prominently posing on my bookshelf. The unsigned MHI that I got from Amazon, I am intending to donate next thursday when I am meeting MadMike in Landstuhl. I believe you can appreciate that. Thanks and keep writing more awesome stuff, please.

  4. Congrats Larry!

    What news on a trip next signing tour to Boise/Meridian Idaho for a signing?

    Thanks for the answer in the writing advice section,too.


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