DEAD SIX cover art by Kurt Miller

Here is the cover art for the thriller written by Mike Kupari and I. Artwork by the very talented Kurt Miller.  Check out Kurt’s page. He is one very talented dude.

Thrillers are a relatively new thing for Baen. There is the Paladin of Shadows series by Ringo and the Countdown series by Kratman. Baen, being known as a premier publisher of sci-fi/fantasy has to go out of its way to make sure that its thriller covers look like thriller covers.

The black and white contrast works well considering that the story is told by two different characters, on different sides, written by different authors. On the left is Lorenzo’s gun. Valentine’s is on the right.

EDIT: Coming November 2011.

The D6 logo went through several revisions. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of them:

I was the #1 bestseller at Uncle Hugo's in 2010
Book Signing in SLC with a whole mess of authors

28 thoughts on “DEAD SIX cover art by Kurt Miller”

  1. ALL of the designs are badass, but I do love the final design.

    And November for D6! Yeah!

    So just out of curiosity, if we have D6 for November, when are Hard Magic and MHA coming out? They’re both this year as well, right?

    Additionally, will there be eArcs for those of us who hate to wait? ‘Cause I got a credit card and I’m not afraid to use it.

    1. Never mind on the release dates. I just found them.




      Three books in six months. It’s gonna be a good summer for reading. Hopefully a good spring for reading, if they release the eArcs like I’m hoping they will.

      1. any more word on a hard cover TGC? I really want to get my hands on one of those, preferably autographed 😀


    If Larry keeps going like this, he’ll have a nice supplemental income selling patches for characters in his books.

    Come to think of it, why hasn’t somebody done this already? I certainly wouldn’t mind one from the Harrington Guard.

  3. Love the FAL. But can we loose the 30 round mags on them? Pretty Please! They just look wrong on that gun. Really, frigging, wrong.

  4. The rifles was based on pictures of my FAL. It ended up with an M16-type magazine, making it look more like an FNC. I’m not worried about it, personally. The important thing is the cover is eye-catching. It makes you want to pick the book up.

    The cover art is more to capture the spirit of the book rather than to represent an actual unit logo. There are, however, several organizations in the book that have pretty cool logo designs. Patches are a definite possibility. More than one, too, if we can manage it.

    1. So, NC and LC? Where do we get the patches and can we just pay you guys directly for pre-release, signed, first edition copies of AWESOMENESS???!!! Now that was $29.95 a month for 12 months, right? Heh heh…just jokin! No. Seriously, about those patches and the book… =D

  5. The final one is the best looking. However, I do have to say, the one with the “Special Forces” and the crossed rifles looks like an ad for Vulcan Armament.

    Yeah, it’s best they didn’t use that one.

  6. bitchin’ 🙂

    i didn’t think i was going to be on board with the whole dead six thing but i’m coming around. still more anxious for TGC than anything.

  7. I really loved D6 from the start on THR. The sample chapters are incredible. I’m all in. November is perfect release for reading in the hunting blind next season.

  8. One bit of unsolicited advice. All that extra junk on the 1911 ruins it’s sleek and sexy outline. I’d put one without a light and flared mag well, but that’s just me.

    1. It’s not a 1911, per say.. It’s an STI 2011, and that’s how the one in the book looks, light and all. So that’s how it ended up like that.

      1. Looks great and you deserve a lot of credit NC for being so talented a story teller. Larry knows a good thing when he reads it and so do we. You got guts.

      2. Well, Larry wasn’t “New York Times Bestselling Author Larry Friggin’ Correia” back when I wrote the online story that became this book. He was just “Correia” on and we barely knew each other.

        I was surprised when he approached me and asked if he could write a scene in my story. I didn’t know he was working on a book. He hadn’t finished MHI back then, I don’t think.

        The rest is history. The co-writing project is how we became friends.

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