22 thoughts on “Christmas vacation, so not much blogging”

  1. Good for you, Larry. We all need to let off steam (and smoke). I have to say that it’s good to see you at the range, but I’m glad we don’t have to shoot in the snow in Central Texas.

  2. “But why post the pic of James Gandolfini?”

    I was wondering the same thing. I heard that Gandolfini had been out shoveling snow. Now I see that he was actually threatening others so they’d shovel snow. The media never reports anything right.

  3. HEY! You don’t have time for all that! We need the next installment of Monster Hunters!

    Hanging out with family is good. Enjoy the well-earned time off…

  4. Larry, I have been waiting around for Baen to read my book (been there eight months now). Got restless and asked them for conference info. They sent me a calendar with a number of listings. When I saw the SHOT show in Vegas listed I started scratching my head. Until now just about everyone I had run into was from the left coast or in a Kalifornia state of mind. So then I read your blog and was stunned to find you left Cali for many of the same reasons we did and that you live in Delta Utah! We live in Payson. I have been trying to find someone that shares similar ideas, and quite frankly I am beginning to believe that my address is working against me. I can’t seem to get anyone to even look at my book let alone read it. I have been through eighty agents and am now working my way through publishers. I am wondering if you could give an old dog a few tips?

    Let me tell you just a bit about me. I am one of the founders of the Utah States’ Rights Coalition. We work with the Patrick Henry Caucus and the Tenth Amendment Center. My goal is to get Utah to work with other like minded states to re-proclaim our natural rights. while I don’t shoot as much as I use to, my sons do and they are crack shots!

    You probably get a ton of these kinds of requests, but I thought “what they hey” I’ll give it shot.

    Hope to hear from you,
    Kevin McDonald

    1. Kevin, I moved to Logan, and then to West Jordan, and now I’m in the mountains at an undisclosed location. 🙂 (which is what my wife makes me say on the internet)

      I don’t know if your address is working against, just because per-capita, Utah has got a literal ton of writers. Since you are in Payson, I’d suggest taking a trip up to BYU in February for LTUE, which is a big writing conference. There will be a ton of writers there and a bunch of different panels. You might find some of them really helpful.

      1. Larry,

        Sorry it took so long for me to respond and say thank you for the info. I had been looking for the writers conference at BYU but couldn’t find their website anymore (even with a google search). I had just figured that they had canceled it or restricted it to the students. With respect to your moving about the state of Utah, keep bobbing and weaving, there are a lot of nuts out there these days. Though I will say that I believe you are loaded for bear.

        By the way, what is your opinion of the Beretta Storm PX4? I am looking for an inexpensive concealed carry and so far that one is looking pretty good to me; though, the subcompact is a little funky in appearance.

        Thanks again.

  5. Mr. Vickers eat your heart out! Mr. Correia is in das haus!!! Or..er..outdoors killing cans, paper monsters, an other sundry varmints at 100 to 300 meters…or so… with extreme therapy. =D

  6. * THIS JUST IN*
    Mr. Gandolfini states he does not threaten people or condone the practice of threatening people into shoveling snow. If people were to decide on their own to start shoveling snow in his presence then it is their decision to do so. Furthermore, Mr. Gandolfini states the picture was taken out of context, that he was just ‘standing overwatch.’

  7. Happy Holidays!

    Just thought that I’d let you know that the very first ebooks purchased for our new kindles were MHI and MHV. 🙂

  8. I was there visiting family in Saratoga Springs during the storm and I wondered if people actually went shooting in that weather. I did actually hear someone blazing on full-auto, up behind my parents, but thought it was a fluke. Looks like it’s normal for us gun nuts. Great! One more reason to leave Kalifornia. Does anyone know the best job website for central Utah? Maybe I could be the mag loading assistant.

    I’m a little past halfway through MHI and I’m hooked!

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