Tis the season… For NOUN!

The Christmas Noun 3D: The Gritty Reboot will be out next week. Featuring special guest star, Julian Assange, and Rudolf the red nosed serial-killing reindeer. If you’ve not read the prior year’s Christmas Nouns, the links are below.

In other news, MHI and MHV are both back in the top 100 of contemporary fantasy again this week. I’m thinking that might be because the Blue Press article about me just came out. Sweet.

For those of you that have ordered books and patches for Christmas, I’m holding off and shipping everything at one time, that way I only have to go to the post office once. December post office runs suck. Plus, I’m out of MHI (miscalculated on that one, but have plenty of MHV), and the ones I have on order probably aren’t going to be here in time, so I’m going to have to drive to SLC and raid all of the local bookstores there, and pay retail for copies of my own book, just so you guys can have them in time for Christmas… Because that’s how much I love you. 🙂

THE CHRISTMAS NOUN http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2008/12/22/the-christmas-noun/ My version of a Christmas story, only with more Cthulu, zombies, and chainsaws.

THE CHRISTMAS NOUN 2: THE NOUNENING  http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2009/12/08/the-christmas-noun-2-the-nounening/  The much anticipated sequel to the greatest Christmas story featuring a noun ever.

EDIT: Man, the Blue Press is giving me a good spike, just in time for Christmas. 🙂 


Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #6,537 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)


Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #5,698 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

The Christmas (Noun) 3D: The Gritty Reboot
Cooking with the Troops Charity

7 thoughts on “Tis the season… For NOUN!”

  1. This is officially a new Night Before Christmas.

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    Not an undead creature was stirring, not even a zombie mouse;
    mostly because they were all taken out by a suppressed FAL

  2. Fairly certian there was a christmas zombie outbreak at Walmart last night….so hard to tell. I think the Elf Queen might have been there too. She was three hundred pounds in a pink moo moo and snow boots. Had pointy ears and a southern accent.

    Might need a little Christmas Noun in Montana.

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