Sold another book – DEAD SIX

Well, it looks like Baen is going to publish the thriller that I wrote with Mike Kupari. It is called Dead Six.

There’s actually a very fun story behind the creation of D6. Mike (who goes by Nightcrawler on gun forums) had started a little online fiction thread called Welcome Back, Mr. Nightcrawler.ย  I started reading it, enjoying it, and got the crazy idea that it would be fun to jump in on his story. So I asked permission, and wrote a single stand alone part from another character’s perspective of one particular scene.

People loved it. So we said, what the heck, and kept it going. Somehow it turned out really good. I used the traffic from the Mr. Nightcrawler thread to promote the original self published release of MHI. The rest of that is history.

So about 2 years ago, Nightcrawler and I decided to write a sequel to the Mr. Nightcrawler thread. (called Swords of Exodus) We were just going to put it online, but after I put 100,000 words into it, I figured that we should just clean up the first one and then try to get the whole thing published.

So we took Mr. Nightcrawler and tweaked the living crap out of it. I mean, we really really really worked that thing over. By the time we got done, it was twice as long, way more complex, and much better. I’m please to announce that Baen is going to publish it. I don’t know when the release date is going to be.

So now I’ll have 4 different series (assuming D6 sells well enough to warrant the sequels, which is up to you guys): Monster Hunter, Grimnoir, Untitled Space Opera with John Ringo, and Dead Six. So I’m nowย a fantasy, sci-fi, thriller writer. This will be my 10th book under contract.

So this is how it is stacking up now:

1. Monster Hunter International. 2. Monster Hunter Vendetta. 3. The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic. 4. Monster Hunter Alpha. 5. Dead Six. 6. The Grimnoir Chronicles II. 7. Monster Hunter Legion. 8. Ringo Project. 9. Ringo Project. 10. Monster Hunter Nemesis.

Those are the ones that are sold.

After that I’ve got plans/outlines for (not in any particular order): 11. The Grimnoir Chronicles III. 12. The Grimnoir Chronicles 1908. 13. The Grimnoir Chronicles 1870. 14. Monster Hunter VI. 15. Monster Hunter VII. 16. D6 2: Swords of Exodus. 17. D6 3: Project Blue. 18. A stand alone epic fantasy novel that is epic badass. 19. A stand alone sci-fi thriller I’ve been calling the Africa book.

In addition I’ve been commissioned to write a couple of shorts. I just finished did the entire Tanya MH short story, then I’m going to do a TGC short, and I’ve been asked to collaborate on another anthology for a short and I’ve not even had the time to look at that one yet.

Whew! That should keep you guys entertained for a bit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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38 thoughts on “Sold another book – DEAD SIX”

  1. Tell Baen to hurry! I have read EVERYTHING, online and in dead tree format already. I need more.

    Both of my MH books have been read so many times they are falling apart.

    Please, please tell them to hurry!

  2. Larry… it won’t be too long before you’re living off of what you make writing. You know that, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome news, man! I know I’m in for signed copies of whatever you write!

  3. is blues bear writing tag lines in between the chapters? if there’s anything that makes a badass book about killin’ stuff even more badass its a little offbeat humor thrown in for that surreal effect.

    excellent news, congrats to you. i’m excited to see all the future grimnoir books you have planned and I haven’t even read the first one yet. but those sample chapters were all the amazing i need to be hooked.

  4. Now you just need to sell Tom Stranger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looks like if things continue you won’t have to worry about money.

    Forrest Gump: Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of fruit company. So then I got a call from him, saying we don’t have to worry about money no more. And I said, that’s good! One less thing.

  5. This is good news. I quite liked Welcome Back, Mr Nightcrawler. (more than MHI actually; not that MHI wasn’t good too) I can’t wait until it gets published.

  6. Sweeeeeeeeet!

    I wasted way too many hours reading the Mr. Nightcrawler thread what way too long ago.

    I’m ready to buy the eARC of the new and improved version now.

  7. Gee, why does this sound like a guy named Ringo, about 10 years ago.

    Larry, how does your wife feel about blue hair ??? (evil grin)

  8. Larry,

    Good job, though I keep shaking my head at how you are able to write this much and have a full time job (sounds like a good candidate for an Ask Correia post).

    Are there any plans to have other anthologies in the MH Universe? I am itching to write a “Day-in-the-Life’ short story about Milo…


  9. Damn you Larry you had to throw this on the webite didnt you!! I just spent an entire afternoon reading every Dead 6 post over on the Highroad. Granted it was alot more fun then spending the afternoon doing my real job of training the Afghan National Army BRM. They dont get the whole aimed fire technique rather they just happily blaze away pointing in the general area of the target. Anyhow congrats and tell NC congrats for me as well. I hope that sooner or later you do another redshirt contest so I can die horribly at your hands. And FYI I love Skippy the HIND flying ORC!!!

    1. My Uncle ‘Abo” (Mervin) used to train the U.S. RDF forces and always taught them the basic principles of middle eastern gun fighting techniques. 1) If they are aiming straight at you…not too much danger. 2) If they start sweeping in all directions with the weapon on full auto…duck! LOL! My uncle was training Saudi troops at the time so your story reminded me of his funny stories about training them. However, once they ‘learned’ they were pretty good at conserving ammo.

  10. well, hot damn.

    TGC is preordered based on the sample chapters. will you do the same for D6 when the time comes?

  11. Larry, what did you specifically do or say to convince Toni & Baen to publish Dead 6 since it isn’t SciFi or Fantasy genre? Just sell a ton of books and get spectacularly popular?

  12. Phenomenal story!!! I saw the announcement post you made on THR yesterday, and spent all day reading through the dead 6 thread. It’s amazing! Can’t wait for the books ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Larry, I’d curse you because your link to the Nightcrawler story made me spend the last two days reading all three reads and countless posts except that I enjoyed it far too much to be mad.

    The only thing I’m gonna say is go yell at Toni to move up the publishing timeline or else start putting snippers or the eARC online faster! I’ve become as hopelessly addicted to your stuff as I am to Ringo’s and your published library is not as large as his (yet, I have no doubt!) so I run out of material to re-read much faster.

  14. I was just curious if audible will be pickin up Dead Six? I love both MHI and Grimnoir series and looking forward to dead six. Hopefully with Bronson Pinchot as narrator.

    1. Since I cannot find the ebook version of Swords of Exodus on Baen, I finally gave in and buys Amazon version. To my surprise, both Dead Six and Swords have an $1.99 upgrade to add linked audible book.

      Sigh… Larry, I’m buying Monster Hunter International, for the 3rd time (Initial eBook, Audible, omnibus version, and now Amazon Kindle). Albeit, not all of the books with audible have whispercast sync yet. I noticed Nemesis isn’t link yet. But I’ve bought that one already.

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