Next book signing, Eagle Mountain November 20th  I’ll be there with a whole bunch of really awesome writers. Come by and say hi.

Saturday: Adult Fantasy: 5-7 PM Dan Wells(Mr. Monster), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), Eric James Stone (Blood Lite II: Overbite is out), David West (Heroes of the Fallen), Berin Stephens (The Dragon War Relic), Jaleta Clegg (Nexus Point), John Brown (Servant of a Dark God), Larry Correia (Monster Hunter Vendetta), Daron Fraley (The Thorn).

More fun with trolls, Furry the Teutonic panda bear
MHI Pumpkin related epidemic

3 thoughts on “Next book signing, Eagle Mountain November 20th”

  1. Stupid price of gas. You guys are always just outside the range that I’m willing to drive to come and see awesome authors. Thankfully, I did get to see you at Borders in Logan a while back, which is just a few blocks from my house.

    Any chance you’ll be taking a trip to Logan in the near future?

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