Charity alert! Pin up girls and Mad Mike are helping the troops.  Check it out.  Super Author Mike Williamson just sent me this. A charity event to help our injured troops. It has pin up girls AND food. 

NOTE:  I am 99% sure that this picture is NOT of Baen author Michael Z. Williamson.

EDIT:  Hmmmm… the charity things I’ve done so far as an author have involved wombats and red-shirt murders.  Apparently I am doing something totally wrong.

A Halloween Public Service Annocement from Monster Hunter International
Back from Arizona, wasn't even asked for papers once!

17 thoughts on “Charity alert! Pin up girls and Mad Mike are helping the troops.”

  1. I heard that you can put lipstick on Mad Mike and look what you get.
    Just a minute somebody at the door…….
    Can anybody sew my arm back on ?

  2. Best charity idea ever. Pin-ups wearing tight CorreiaTech apparel with you redshirting us in the background!

        1. I have met Combat Wombat, worked for him for a bit. He is the definition of bad ass. He shows up here and there under aliases.

        2. You know that joke picture we tell antigun weenies looks just like a bunch of camera accessories?

          Yeah, it looks nothing like that.

  3. Larry, i think you should find a stripper that looks like holly, and have her pole dance for chairty… … … i mean nothing says “thanks for protecting our country” like a lap dance… … … you’ll need to post the video of this even online of course… … … for posterity… … …

  4. Can I pretend that it is Mad Mike? it will make reading his books better, at least in my sick twisted mind. :p

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