10 thoughts on “I think this sums it up pretty well”


    That was a very entertaining way to present the analogy that the Democrats are like a zombie apocalypse. LOL!

    Oh, and I can see why Kathy thought that YOU wrote it. =^D

  2. During the run up to the election in 2008 I kept telling people.

    “Vote McCain, he sucks less.”

    The GOP really needs to enlist the services of a Necromancer and raise Ronald Reagan to run for president.

    Zombie Reagan for Prez!

  3. That pretty much sums it up. You’re right, zombies and politicians sucking would have made me suspicious of this being yours as well.

  4. It does have your narrative tone to it…not enough punctuation errors or use of the word “awesome” to be a true Correia piece though. Also, the author didn’t insert the word “manitee” for no reason. These are dead giveaways.

  5. That’s good old Frank J. He USED to be on the Bar, but haven’t seen him there lately. One of the best parody commentators on the Right in the blogosphere, right up there with Iowahawk. . .

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