Update: Signed copies of MHV for Uncle Hugos

The copies of MHV that I’m supposed to sign and send to Uncle Hugos have not arrived yet. I checked, and Simon & Schuster supposedly shipped them on Monday. So I’m just waiting for them to get here. So don’t be made at Uncle Hugos. They can’t ship them until they get them, so please don’t call and yell at them.

Today is the release for Monster Hunter Vendetta
Role-playing for CCW! It's not just for geeks anymore!

12 thoughts on “Update: Signed copies of MHV for Uncle Hugos”

  1. Thanks for the update.

    I’m patient 😉

    I wouldn’t be if I didn’t already have MHV downloaded to the comp though 😀

  2. Been reading the preview repeatedly since preordering.

    If that’s just the beginning, I’m sure the book will be well worth the wait.

  3. Did Simon and Schuster get nationalized? Take TARP money?

    No more bathroom breaks till they get this book out. Chain the peons to the machines if you must, but ship this order now.

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