Details about the signings this weekend

Here are the details about the signing this weekend, far more constructively organized than I am seemingly capable of: 

Swing by and say hi. I will have copies of MHI and MHV there, and there are a bunch of other really awesome writers too.

Hey Utah County, I'm doing a presentation and signing at UVU
Let the Redshirtining begin!

8 thoughts on “Details about the signings this weekend”

  1. Larry, do you know if the bookstore will have a problem with anyone bringing in books we already have to get signed, or will we have to buy new ones there?

  2. Ok really unfair, I was looking forward to seeing you, and yes all excited to finally get my book signed but nooooo, it would have to be on a gun show weekend. (GURRRR)
    I’m looking forward to reading the next book, George has been tormenting me about gangster gnomes for far to long. If you ever get a spare moment stop in BCI and say HI.

    1. And gunshow weekends are killer busy for you guys. I was even in BCI the other day to get my instructor cert renewed. I should have stuck my head in to say hi.

  3. Hang it all I’m going to have to drive down to Utah one of these days.

    Hey, we’re going to Wyoming for Christmas (Don’t Ask)

    Maybe we’ll go the southern route through SLC. Maybe you’ll have a book signing then.

    Off topic but Larry did you notice you’re not too far from 1,000,000 hits? That’s epic!

    1. Hey, Wyoming rocks!! Had to move to Nevada, but still close enough to make it over for a book signing one of these days.

  4. Rats, UT is a bit far from VA. I’m eagerly awaiting my Uncle Hugo’s shipment, appetite whetted by the sample chapters (Owen’s dad is a hoot – doesn’t everyone have a kitchen gun?), and I hope to make it to a con some day…

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