What is it with people posting to year old blog posts?

Some folks love to comment on year old political blog posts, where absolutely nobody will see their wisdom. Sometimes I get some real gems too. Like, I just got this one from Gabriel Givens:

If you put the Republicans back in power they will
cut all government checks plus the brand new health care
just so that rich people won’t pay taxes.

Uh… Good?

My only hope is that the new crop of republicans have the guts to murder the hell out of the budget and to cut funding for socialized medicine, because that’s why America is electing them. Not just so those mean rich people won’t pay taxes.  And on the topic of “rich” people. Okay. Rhetorical question time, dumb-ass… Do you have a job?  If so, does the government consider your boss “rich”? (answer, more-than-likely) Would you like your boss to be able to keep paying his employees or to pay more taxes?  What? You’d rather keep your job?  Cool… Then shut the hell up.

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14 thoughts on “What is it with people posting to year old blog posts?”

  1. It’d be great if they did, but no they won’t. They’ll just find more ways to spend more money, just like the Dems.

  2. The Democrats are the Evil Party.

    The Republicans are the Stupid Party.

    Perhaps we should get an act of congress passed to change their names.

    EP and SP what do you guys think?

    What we need in congress are conservative Republicans, maybe with some conservative independents with *ahem* man parts who can eviscerate Obama care, and cut the pork everywhere they find it.

    Unfortunately the mercury will have to be very low in hell for this to actually happen.


    We need more Zombie Reagans and less McCains.

  3. The government programs of the “New Deal” started with Herbert Hoover, not with Roosevelt. Similarly, the latest batch of institutionalized insanity started not with Obama, but with Bush Jr.

    I have no idea why any conservative would think they are represented by the Republican party. Red vs. blue, Pepsi vs. Coke. They’re both sugary, dark colored drinks with some caffeine in ’em but little nutritional value. Viva la difference.

    1. Whoa there, Wayne. I’m in total agreement about Bush and Tarp, but the 20s-40s is the time period that I kind of consider myself a geek about. Hoover didn’t do much of anything until the very end, and even then I can thing of one giant works project (interestingly enough, named after him) but nothing else big.

      FDR came up with every awful thing you can imagine, especially in his 100 Days. NRA, WPA, and all that garbage. Hoover vs. FDR is a way more lopsided comparision than the already lopsided comparison of Bush vs. Obama.

      1. In fact, come to think of it, the term New Deal was first promised by Roosevelt during the campaign of ’32. But he’d been going on about government interference and progressivism/liberalism (which wasn’t a bad word yet) so much that during the primary, the only way he made it through was that they stuck a conservative democrat as his running mate (Garner) to shut up all the regular democrats.

      2. Hoover’s big mistake was allowing the Fed to try to fix the Depression with a bank holiday.

        He made what was originally only a panic go to warp speed, and thus still being in effect by the time his term was over.

    2. It’s also not accurate to say Hoover=FDR thus they’re all the same. The Progressive movement was a bipartisan thing. Robert LaFollette, William Jennings Bryan, Hoover, TR, FDR are all the same in their view of an active state, discarding the false barriers of the Constitution and traditional liberty. Hoover and FDR were both Progressives, despite the fact that they were in different parties.

      Meanwhile Taft, Coolidge, John Nance Gardner, Al Smith, etc. are all conservatives, despite the fact that some are Dems and some are Reps.

  4. ACORN pays stumblebums $14 and hour to troll the internet and post left leaning comments.

    Ya gotta close comments on old posts, or they will defecate in them for pay.

    I suggest deleting them so they can’t prove they made them.

  5. You would think that since they’ve dug so deep into your archives that somewhere, somehow, on that journey they might have learned something.


    *hands out another sign

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