Give the gift of kidneys so that Larry Correia can murder you for charity

Okay everybody, I mentioned this briefly once before, but now I’ve got details.  A local, and one of the organizers of the SLC convention, ConDuit, needs help.  Misha Hintze is a young man that needs a new kidney.  You can meet him here:

His father, Kai Hintze, contacted the presenters from ConDuit to see if we would donate something for the charity auction they were doing. Kidney transplants cost a fortune. I didn’t really have anything interesting to physically donate to the auction, but I wanted to help.  So the lovely Mrs. Correia had the idea that I should donate Red Shirts. (for those of you that never watched Star Trek)

So you can help give the gift of kidneys and get murdered by Larry Correia! Everybody wins!  The amount is $50.

This is how it works. If you would like to have a character with your name appear (and probably die) in an upcoming Larry Correia novel here is what I got from Kai:
If people want to donate directly then they can write a tax deductible check
Make checks payable to:    West Jordan Rotary Service Foundation

Note in the memo section:      Misha Hintze Kidney Transplant

Please send to:   

          Kai Hintze
          3087 W 7140 S
          West Jordan, UT  84084
If they want to be red-shirted then I think that the cleanest thing is to write the check to the Rotary, but mail it to me so that I can put their name on the list. Then I will give the check to the Rotary when I touch base with them the next Tuesday. We update each other about status once a week on Tuesdays.

Thanks! – Kai

Okay? You guys got that?  Send your checks to Kai, but write them out to the West Jordan Rotary Service Foundation. (that way it is a tax deductible donation too, sorry, had to put on my accountant hat).  Don’t mail me anything. Kai will put together a list of names and then give them to me to use.  The $50 price was set because he put put the Corriea redshirting up at their Rotary charity auction and they had three takers at that price. So $50 it is.

EDIT:  Kai just told me that if you do the redshirt thing, then it wouldn’t be considered tax deductible by the IRS. Because that would be “value for value”.  It is tax deductible if you donate directly to the Rotary, but not for the redshirting. Thanks Government! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you people are watching out for us.

On my end, after you’ve donated to Kai, you can contact me here or via e-mail if you’ve got any specific items of description that I might be able to use. (age, size, build, interesting factoids like: you’ve got a lazy eye, penchant for Mohawks, look suspiciously like Ernest Borgnine, etc.)

After that, all I can promise is that I will use your name for a character in an upcoming Larry Correia novel. I can’t promise how that character will be used. I can’t promise if they’ll live, die, or how horribly they will die. (well, they will probably die) I’m currently writing Monster Hunter Alpha, which has an exceedingly high body count, so I should be able to get you all in. If we raise lots of money for charity, then I will stretch that out and you will appear in some other book, but don’t worry, you will eventually get used in a Larry Correia novel. (aaaand you will more than likely die).  I will post to let you know which book you’re going to appear in, which will probably be Monster Hunter Alpha.


In other news, if you posted in that thread about getting a signed copy of Monster Hunter Vendetta, I counted, and the books have been ordered. Please go to and get your signed copies.

If you want to order a CorreiaTech Combat Wombat shirt (my portion of the proceeds are going to charity, specifically to Operation Baen Bulk to pay for shipping care packages to the troops) contact Mystik Waboose at

Coming soon: Ask Correia 9, more Tom Stranger, oh, and my house got delayed again because my builder is incapable of communication or scheduling and Rocky Mountain Power comes out only when they really feel like it, so I’m going shooting this weekend.

Ask Correia 9: Character Development
Order signed copies of Monster Hunter Vendetta now!

24 thoughts on “Give the gift of kidneys so that Larry Correia can murder you for charity”

  1. So everyone who donates $50 gets a character named after them? Or is it like a drawing? That would be so cool.

      1. Arnold, wordpress isn’t letting me respond to your other question for some strange reason, but sure. I don’t care. I’m doing this for charity. I’ll kill your mom for money. 😀

      2. Sweet! You’re the bomb. My friend actually turned me on to your last book MHI and I was hooked. Can you perhaps write faster.. haha. j/k You rank up there with Stephen King for me and Im a diehard King fan! Thanks for sharing your imagination with us!

  2. I was wondering same thing either way its for a good cause check is on the way. Is it odd that I’m looking forward to being killed in the most brutal way possible?

    1. JLOCO Welcome to the wonderful world of Baen Red Shirts. It is quite common for Baen Authors to auction off “Character Names”. David Weber has the most fun. He does two auctions. The first for the name and the second for whether you live or die! He says the second auction can make more the first.

  3. I have never laughed harder at a post title. Ever. I do need to know how long this charity red-shirt auction is going on for though, I’m asking family to purchase my death through selfless giving for my birthday but I need to let them know the end date.

    1. I don’t know. That is up to the Hintzes. I don’t mind leaving it open for awhile. Writing a book takes time. 🙂 MHA will be done soon, but I’ve got many more under contract after that to write, too.

      1. Sounds good to me. I wouldn’t mind waiting to be red-shirted, especially if I ended up in the Correia-Ringo project 😛

  4. Sounds as if you should ask your home builder to come shoot skeet with you (and consider inviting Dick Cheney as his partner, heh, heh, heh).

  5. Is there a time limit on this? I’ve just gotta wait for payday to get in on this deal. Glad to help the guy out too.

  6. Larry,

    I love the idea. I sent the young dude some well-wishes on that Book-Face the kids won’t shut up about. Keep us updated on how many participants have given, if you can.

  7. Larry,
    Thanks for the plug! We’re proud to carry the Combat Wombat shirts, and help with the shipments to the troops. We’re gonna have to send off a check so we can get in on the “red shirt” fun!

    1. My mom put in my order (I don’t have access to most of my funds currently, being 3 hours away from my bank) can’t wait for my shirt!

  8. Check written and will be in the mail tomorrow. Hope there’s a highly funded bodycount. I’ll email (when I find out your email) some details.

  9. So, your builder is incapable of communication or scheduling, and The Power Company is non-responsive. And you’re going shooting this weekend. Where do we send the bail money?

    1. I’d guess by writing him an email. 😀

      His email address is under either the Buy Stuff tab or the About Me tab.

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