4 thoughts on “St. Ronald speaks”

  1. Good video. Edited like a mofo but still good. If my heart wasn’t as cold as ice I’d say it tugged at my heart strings.

    And honestly that brings up an interesting question in my head. Is there any potential politician out there in Conservative land that can match the charismatic ability of Reagan?

    Let me clarify that by saying I’m not an American so I don’t know the ins and outs of the current Political situation there apart from the vaguest idea of how Obama’s administration is doing. And from an outsiders perspective it’s not doing great, better than Bush but not by much.

    It’s a good thing that he’s drawing down the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, NZ lost our first soldier in combat for the first time in a decade about two to four weeks ago in Afghanistan, but there’s a bunch of problems that won’t have been sold. But honestly the only way Afghanistans problems are going to be solved is by wiping out everybody and starting over.

    The American economy seems like its in bad spot and only going to get worse, and he’s not dealing hard enough with the real threats in North Korea and Iran. China and India are turning into real political and economic threats to Americas superpower status. Not something I would be worried about though as I honestly think Communist China is to busy worrying about it’s internal problems to really try and do anything crazy like start a war.

    Overall though the way most people look at America is in a positive light. Having a black guy in the Presidents seat makes you guys look good, even if he is sticking it to your economy.

    So is there anybody in the Conservative arena who could make a valid run at Black Jesus?

  2. Panticles,

    I am an American and I’ve been wondering just that. Colin Powell… maybe (dude voted for Obama and I’m not sold on him being all that conservative). Condi Rice? Nobody really has a national name right now that sticks out.

  3. great video except for all the scary true parts. hard to believe there’s much hope for the future of the nation sometimes. regardless of who is in office, no one seems very interested in genuinely shrinking the size or scope of the federal government.

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