Greatest Resignation EVER!

This is amazing. This girl quit her job by e-mailing a series of photos around her office.

Hell. I’d hire her. That’s initiative. 🙂

EDIT:  It turns out to be fake, but oh well. It was one of those things that was so awesome that if it wasn’t real, it should have been:

St. Ronald speaks
Now this is hardcore MHI roleplaying

26 thoughts on “Greatest Resignation EVER!”

  1. Initiative, imagination, and I wonder just how Spencer’s bosses are going to react to this bit of news about one of their managers.

    Humungous Piece of Awesome!

  2. Love it,
    That girl is a researcher, creative, and hot to boot.
    I’ll bet Spencer is pissing in his little Lederhosen.

  3. Hire her? You bet, but with an attitude and sense of humor like that I’d rather marry her! Wonder if she likes sawed-off insane-but-loyal brainiac gunslingers…

  4. Hilarious. And she’s not bad to look at. I’ll give her a 5 out of a possible 10 on the Panticles Scale of Hotness.

    I wonder if she can type?

  5. Now, this is just heartbreaking!! A HOAX!?! Ah, well. Jenny/Elyse was definitely a HOPA…good luck to her in her further acting career. Here’s hoping that someone is inspired to do it for real if they are in similar circumstances

      1. It ain’t a joke. It was a hoax perpetrated specifically to enhance this actress’s career.

        She lied to a whole bunch of folks for her personal gain.

    1. Tell me about it. I feel cheated after watching ‘The Matrix’ and finding out the actors weren’t really plugging their minds into a computer!!!!


      1. The Matrix was sold as fiction. No fraud was committed.

        A hoax is presented as fact. The only way to preserve integrity of an information source is to thoroughly weed out falsehoods, or re-label them as such.

  6. It was a hoax/publicity stunt, but it was for the website not the actress.

    She was simply an actress who responded to a casting call.

    Holding her personally responsible for your disappointment would be like blaming Melanie Paxson when your trash bags break, or Isaiah Mustafa when your pits stink.

    Both got big career boosts for their most notable campaigns, but were otherwise just working actors, selling a product. As was Miss Porterfield. Hopefully this will be her big break as well.

    And, I don’t know what kind of curve the Panticles scale employs, but 5? Seriously? Unless you’re Hef’s roommate or something, I suspect you’re in dire need of calibration.

    1. My friend I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women, I haven’t slept with any but I’ve seen them damn it! And that young lady is a solid 5.

      My ten would be some kind of Ultra Woman beautiful beyond description, deadly with hand, knife and gun, rich, loyal and willing to sleep with me more than once after the first awkward, short and disappointing for both of us love making session.

      As a comparison Angelina Jolie would be a seven, but thats when she wasn’t loaded down with Brad and the kids, I’d say probably around the time she made the movie Gigi.

  7. Well, the owner of the chive said the main reason they did this prank was because they’ve done pranks in the past, and the New York Times immediately wrote about them without even the tiniest bit of fact checking. As soon as the NYT talked about this one (once again, with zero fact checking) they revealed the hoax.

    Good for them. Anything that makes the NYT look stupid is okay by me.

  8. That’s okay… if Elyse holds a “Casting Call” looking for a companion, I’d gladly take Panticles and Christopher’s shots at the audition in addition to my own. 😀

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