19 thoughts on “Now this is hardcore MHI roleplaying”

  1. Larry, you NEED to bring MHI to GenCon sometime. It’d be a perfect expansion for Twilight Creations’ Zombies!!! board- and WizKids’ Horrorclix miniature-games… not to mention the d20 Modern RPG and LARP-event potential. (The latter, Con management might have a problem–they’re a buncha libtards [channeling: Gunny Hartmann] who piss their frilly pink panties at the mere idea of even uniformed cops having guns or anything that looks like ’em at their little four-day Fantasyland. Wish the girlymen would grow a fillintheblanking pair sometime…)

  2. This is so awesome! I wonder what mechanics they are using, d20, White Wolf, Fusion? Bah, who cares, it’s too awesome!

  3. Also makes me wonder what weaponry they will be able to get hold of up there. My in-laws are Canadian and people view guns as the second black plague up there, though a little less so out west. The stuff you can get is a lot less fun than down here. That said, if they really have that chopper, they have resources. We’re not as expansive. Our group has only done serious training for zombies.

  4. Wow!

    Thanks for posting the link and a HUGE thanks for creating the awesome world for us to play in.

    No specific rpg system in use yet, just building story right now. I have been looking at Palladium Books ‘Beyond the Supernatural’ tho’. Haven’t been able to get a good look at the core rules yet but from what I’ve been able to see on the web it looks like it will be a good base of rules to run the campaign with.

    1. The Palladium system is one of my favourites but it takes a bloody long time to set up. Plus there are a lot of things that need to be re-worked in it. You might need to prepare a few characters if you are going to run a game using those rules, otherwise you’ll be there all day going through the rulebook deciding on character classes and the like.

  5. That’s farkin’ awesome.

    I thought about doing a modern d20 game based on MHI, running a Newbie class through to becoming experienced Monster Hunters, but never could find to time…

  6. Fantastic! I love the idea of an MHI RPG.

    I’m voting for the Savage Worlds engine myself. I think it lends itself perfectly to the fast, furious, and fun world of MHI.

  7. Just too darn cool. Online with team play for the Droid and iPhone would be a bonus. Now we just need to settle on the right engine.

    1. Mark: the new D&D 4th Ed rules are so malleable that the engine should run it easily. You know, like replacing “fireball” with “1911 Browning .45 ACP” or whatever. Burst 3? Grenades… Burst 5? You brought the claymore? Sweet… etc.

      *Note: I am not a gun nut.

  8. I successfully ran an MHI story via Skype using the new White Wolf World of Darkness rules. It allowed me to focus on the story and we developed a mechanic that allowed the squad leaders to actively maneuver their squad and throw down some awesome tactics.

  9. We’ve been playing MHI in the future in the Shadowrun ‘verse/rules. Makes for some interesting changes when there are what used to be PUFF eligible races now ON a MHI team and you can have magical assistance.

    Just got back from Gencon and ran a WOD Hunters: The Vigil and am already working on a WOD: MHI framework to run.

  10. I’m still looking forward to a proper set of game books, I freaking want to own a set of books on the MHI universe, maybe set on the D20 modern rules using the OGL but honestly I’m not a big fan of the D20 modern rules.

    I find I prefer rule light stuff nowadays, with Character Generation taking a couple of minutes rather than the couple of hours it usually does, but I feel that to do this game justice you really have to have a proper set of combat rules. And they should be pretty deadly, not so deadly that you feel like your the kicking boy of the GM but deadly enough that your always hoping that it’s not going to be you being eaten by a ghoul.

    Any chance this is going to be made into a first person shooter?

  11. I think the FATE based stuff is almost taylormade for MHI.
    I’m looking at the Dresden Files RPG and it seem you could beginn play without changing anything (just don’t allow Player Magic User).

  12. Darn, that’s awesome. If this is going to be available to play via online interaction, either as a web RPG or through Skype, I’d like to join. I’m local in Vancouver too, so at least we’re in the same time zone, haha!

  13. Personally, I love the Savage Worlds system and have run a few (4-5) one-shot scenarios of MHI missions. Great fun, and the rules fit beautifully.

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