21 thoughts on “Here is the Hard Magic final cover art”

  1. That’s excellent, Larry. I predict howls of applause at Libertycon next year.

    I still need to send the photo of the bullpup BAR.

  2. Have to admit, the lady’s face is a little masculine… is that on purpose, to emphasize her power?

  3. Dear Alan,

    Love the painting. One tiny note: the sights aren’t on a target, so can you please have Our Hero take the booger hook off the bang switch? Larry will explain the 4 Rules to you, m’kay?


  4. I realize that the firearm safety rules used today are a somewhat more modern invention than the time period this book takes place in, but the first thought through my head when I saw that picture was “FINGER!”. The gun safety violation is actually rather distracting. It just jumps out at me every time I try to look at the picture. While anachronistic, having the booger picker properly indexed outside the trigger guard would be much nicer to look at. Maybe then I could pay some attention to what else is in there. 🙂

    1. Tony, it says a lot about us gun nuts, when we notice a safety rule violation before cleavage. 🙂

      And I’ll be honest, when I pick up the Blue Press, I almost always identify the gun before I notice the girl.

  5. Given that one of Larry’s prior posts shows a flying creature, we can argue that these two have observed said creature and anticipate being attacked. Sullivan has his weapon on target (the creature is coming from 12 o’clock high, relative to Sullivan) but, given his sensitivity towards magic, has glanced down in response to the Lady in Red forming some kind of energy bolt. We just happened to catch him in mid glance before he can return his attention to the target and no violation of the rules occurred.

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