11 thoughts on “More Grimnoir art from Zach Hill”

  1. That bottom one reminds me of a part in first few chapters, or the “free crack” edition that I read on here. Maybe not, but that clicked for me. I’ve not been a big fan of this genre in the past. Thanks for sucking me in.

  2. I really wish you’d keep posting these teasers and reminding me that it’s still many months away from go-time. The agony of waiting is killing me.

  3. I have a feeling that those are magically etched runes, or tattooed runes. Given by someone magical to give more power to the object on which they are placed…. (think D&D here people)

    I figured that he had some kind of rune-type thing goin on from the ‘free crack’ chapters….. hmmmmm

  4. Interesting. Ya know that tats are considered extremely low class in Japan? Yakuza only?

    He will be ostracized the second anyone sees he has them.

    1. In this world. In the TGC world, not so much. Mostly because the class distinction thing goes out the window when you’re a nearly unkillable death machine of the Imperium.

      And they’re not tats. They’re actually cut and burned on.

      1. He still ain’t bathing in public.

        Even being a death machine won’t alter cultural perceptions that old.

        Of course, he’ll just kill anyone who gives him any lip, and his government won’t care …

  5. Hello. New reader here. I just finished Monster Hunters international a few minutes ago and wanted to say that was fun.

    I was clued in after accidentally stumbling upon thelawdogfiles and reading his archive. He mentioned you and your book several times and I decided since I really enjoyed his writing and authors he admired I would give it a whirl. A few clicks and download from baen and whammo! New fan. I am very glad I did.

    Have a great day

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