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I’m going to be trying to clean up some stuff here on Monster Hunter Nation.  Check the About Me tab and the Novels tab.  I’ve updated both of those today.

On the About Me, I’ve had a bunch of people bug me for more info there , rather than the little tiny blurb I had, but I’m afraid I went a little nuts and put my life story. That is a perfect example of why I can’t seem to write a book shorter than 600 pages.

I’m thinking I’m going to go clean up the Fiction page and maybe put together something with all the Ask Correia posts, as soon as I can figure out how to embed links on WordPress to make it pretty.

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4 thoughts on “Blog housekeeping”

  1. Jeez, Larry, you sure do like talking about yourself!

    Just joshing ya mate.:)

    Good read, seems like you’ve had a decent life so far, here’s hoping you don’t go the way of all authors and turn into a drug and alcohol fuelled sex fiend living in a gold plated mansion in the shape of a giant robot. That’s how authors live right?

  2. A good author’s website should be like a buckshot-projected pastiche of alien entrails on a corrugated metal bulkhead: An incomprehensible horror to some, and a work of sublime art to others.

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