I'm collaborating with The John Ringo

The other day on Facebook I mentioned that I had some big news from the writing front. Well, I got permission to blab. (after I had my fanboy geek-out moment of course).

I’m going to be collaborating with John Ringo on a science fiction/space opera series. I can’t give any other details out yet, except that it will be awesome.  

This is a great opportunity. I’ve been reading John’s stuff for years, and I’m really looking forward to writing these with him.

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  1. Cool! Think he’ll let you invite Tom Stranger and his Combat Wombats to the party?

    1. A “John Ringo” did, in a dimension parallel and very similar to ours, but not THE John Ringo of our dimension.

      How’s that for a Multiverse-friendly explanation?lol

  2. That is really, truly awesome news. Ringo’s had some really good collaborations with folks (and some not as good, the last couple of the Looking Glass series with Travis S Taylor have been almost terminally silly).

  3. You sir are LUCKY! Congrats and you know since you’re so successful and all maybe you could put in a good word with Baen once I’m ready to submit my manuscript. 😉

  4. This should be a hoot. Note to self do not drink while reading. I find Ringo and Correia both exceedingly funny I won’t be able to read this at work or people will think I have lost my mind.

  5. Dang, can I come and watch.
    I can hear the snickers and giggles starting with Redneck Fairies and on to State Department Blond Bimbo Dumb Bombs.
    Oh, a great day is coming.

  6. Big fan of both of you and I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Having said that I’ve found a few of Johns latest books kind of…rushed?

    I love the Posleen series with an unholy passion so much so that I was seriously considering getting an ACS suit tattooed on my chest but the last books in the series just seem to me like they could have done with some more polishing. The Tuloriad made me frown, and I never frown at a Posleen book. Don’t get me wrong it was still good but not as good as the original series.

    Oh well it might just be me though!

    Can I be one of the characters? If so can you make my death excrutiating? Possibly sucked into space during a sudden hull breach? Maybe blown to bits in a glorious last stand? Or even choking to death on vomit inside my space suit? Who do I have to shank to make this happen?

    1. I have to say that Live Free or Die seemed rushed to me, a bit too technical as well. But I love the Legacy of Aldenata more than anything and I’ve always wanted a Fleet Strike tattoo.

    2. Also I would like to be red-shirted. I know Ringo only does members of the armed forces but as his number one fan and an avid follower of this blog I think I should be killed off in a particularly horrible fashion.

      1. I’m planning on getting him to violate the “military only” rule by starting a web sensation about John, ala the Chuck Norris one. Such as:

        If George Lucas remade Star Wars, the Death Star would be called the Ringo Star. To avoid confusion, Ringo Starr would change his name to Cecil . . . or else.

        When John Ringo becomes benevolent dictator for life, all humans will be required to wear red shirts until John says otherwise. For most, that will be the shirt they wear at the time they, and billions of their neighbors, are wiped out for dramatic effect.

      2. Or…

        Why did the big breasted blonde cross the road? Because John Ringo damn well told her to.

      3. Webster’s is introducing a new word to the dictionary: Ringo. It is a verb that means to to commit genocide as in “I’m going to Ringo that planet” or “Whoops. I hit the wrong button on the superlaser and Ringoed Alderaan.”

      4. Paris Hilton didn’t bat an eyelash when her sex-tape became public knowledge to millions of Americans. When she read John Ringo’s Ghost, she blushed incandecent red.

        John Ringo was going to star in the 90’s hit blockbuster Independence Day. The Director soon decided that he was a greater threat to the human race than the invading aliens and re-cast the role to somone less likely to annihilate Earth’s population in order to get defeat them.

        The term Weapon of Mass Destruction first refered to Ringo’s handy dandy ballpoint pen.

      5. All of the theories on the extinction of the dinosaurs are wrong. They actually died out because someone told John Ringo that they were “good for lovin’ and eatin’ but make sure you do it in that order.” Well, tearing a hole in the fabric of space and time with his wit, he found out that yes, dinosaurs were good for loving. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enought left to eat. 🙂

        Oh, did you know that John will be a director on a TV series? The good news is that his first act was to eliminate the casting couch. The bad news is that he replaced it with the casting stirrups and stocks.

      6. OMG all i can say is that the real reason the army dropped the “army of One” Slogan was because John Ringo claimed copywright infringement

      7. >”The term Weapon of Mass Destruction first referred to Ringo’s handy dandy ballpoint pen.”

        The what did they call the yellow note pad?
        Duel use technology ?

      8. The 2010 action thriller The Expendables, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jet Li, was originally based on John Ringo’s vacation to South America. To make the movie more believable they replaced Ringo with a cast of lesser action heroes.

  7. That’s seriously cool. But isn’t there some inherent conflict between your styles? I mean, your books deal with saving the human race while Ringo deals with finding new ways of exterminating all but a few members of the race. 😉

  8. To quote some of the disturbed readers of his “Ghost” series, “Oh No, John Ringo!!!!1!!!”…

  9. if someone not know about john ringo what book of him you suggest someone read first to get to know the writing better?

    1. I recommend…

      The free one(s)!!!!


      Now this web page is on the same web site that you can find Larry’s books as ebooks. Of the ebooks of John Ringo’s in the “free library” (come on little fishy, just nibble on this shinny hook, AHEM, free book…) there is Space Opera (March Upcountry), near future sci-fi (A Hymn Before Battle), and a more distant future mix of high technology magic armor / battle axes / dragons (There Will Be Dragons).

      I’ll let the other folk argue over which series is best. All I will say is (1) if you ever go to a blog that Ringo is posting on, DO NOT ask about “the series that shall not be named” [March To The…] and (2) as much as want to read Ringo’s next book, the book I am anxiously waiting for is “Hard Magic”.

      1. Whats the story about ‘the series that shall not be named’? That’s the one he wrote with Eric Flint right?

  10. Ringo has redshirted plenty of non-military people, mostly fans of his who hang out at Baen’s Bar or who he has met at conventions. He’s even solicited names for redshirting, especially in conjunction with some kind of planned event (such as voting for _Ghost_ as ‘best romance novel of the year’).

    Craig – all depends on what you like to read. The Paladin of Shadows series has some rather explicit sex scenes (including one rape, of a prostitute), which turns some people off, it’s basically a male adolescent fantasy, John tells people not to read it 🙂 His most successful series is The Legacy of the Aldenata, which starts with _A Hymn Before Battle_ and is currently at _Eye of the Storm_, with two more mainline books planned (one side plotline follows the main character’s daughter as an assassin, another coauthor has explored actions against the alien invaders in Germany and Panama, plus one book from the perspective of some of the alien invaders). The Council Wars series has more of a fantasy feel, but didn’t sell as well so is currently on the back burner. _Princess of Wands_ also has sort of a fantasy feel, the sequel is almost complete. _Live Free or Die_ is a pretty good read and starts a new trilogy (_Citadel_ is due later this year, third book next year). _The Last Centurion_ is a near-future possible history, written as a collection of blog postings by an Army officer abandoned with his unit in the Middle East during a societal upheaval and his efforts to fight his unit to a friendly port to ship home, no sequel is planned that I’m aware of (it also tends to annoy lefties even more than John’s other work, with some scathing comments about the global warming crowd).

  11. As much as I enjoy John Ringo’s writing, and I have most of his books to prove it, the title of this blog entry should read:

    “John Ringo gets to collaborate with Larry Correia”

    After all, while I may have *most* of the Ringo books, I have *ALL* of the Correia books!

    1. Word to that!

      Larry’s my hero! Or as much of one as I allow myself after my last hero let me down. Word of advice never let a pornstar be your hero. It’ll only end in tears.

  12. This has got to exceed the maximum Federal legally allowed annual dose of Awesome.

    You, my man, are Living the Dream!

  13. This is AWESOME, just in case you missed the other 42 comments saying practically the same thing. I was wondering if anyone knows where and why John Ringo moved his site. And how do you know that Ringo has the sequel to Princess of Wands almost finished?

  14. Eeeeeeexcellent!!!! This makes me happy in the part of my heart normally reserved for lingerie clad redheads frying me bacon while wearing an AK

  15. Collaboration with Ringo? AWESOME!!!

    You guys both write some great stuff so combining the two will just bump up the magnitude evnmoreso.

    When will we see a relase?

  16. I must encourage this activity. My mind is currently jammed on gravity spikers wielding up-teched Abominations being deployed from Troy class to fight werewolf-Rangora. I…I think I need to go lie down.

    1. Plans have changed, John wrote a Monster Hunter International spin off series instead. That’s our collaboration now. The first book is called Monster Hunter Grunge and will be out this summer.

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