20 thoughts on “More Grimnoir art”

  1. Sweet! Enlarge it to see the awesome red beady eyes.
    I’d sure hate to have that beast swooping down on me!

      1. Mother-in-law from Hell meets the Ma Deuce? I like it.

        Of course, evil mother -in-laws (or evil mothers of psychotic girlfriends) can’t be killed by .50s or anything else. They can only be slowed down. Their evil continues for generations to come. (My mother-in-law is great but the mothers of exs, not so much).

  2. Looks like the Bull of Minos with wings. Well, the Bull of Minos dwelt in the Labyrinth – does this one dwell in the Larry-rinth?


  3. Interesting. Looks like Sarah Brady’s lost the last part of her humanity after hearing the Supreme Court ruling yesterday. Hopefully this one doesn’t involve a protagonist beating one senseless with a .50 Barrett Barrel.

  4. Nothin’ says lovin’ quite like my Ma.

    Ma Deuce that is. 🙂

    I have it on good authority that the .50 BMG round can penetrate the shields of light alien craft, and retain enough energy to pierce the hull. So it should work on demonic mothers-in-law.

    1. Ahh but the the deflector shield of a light alien craft is still bound by the laws of physics, whereas demonic mothers-in-law are bound only by an unholy allegiance to satan. And pie.

  5. Piece o’ cake- us Aggies have been taking out Longhorn mascots for 100 yrs. Makes up for the 33% win record in football. Saw ’em off!

  6. It took a little while but I was able to identify this as a succubus or incubus (depending on whether it’s male or female).

    After all, what is a succubus or incubus but a “horny” demon? 😉

  7. Beware ManBearPig! Oh, wait…..the masseuse was releasing my second charkra and I went all AlGore for a sec….

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