11 thoughts on “Hey, you guys want to go bomb NPR for me?”

  1. Nominated with pleasure. Now if only the the sequel would come out in the dead tree version so that I could take it to the beach…

  2. Done and done. By the looks of the comments, some other authors (Nevada Bar, Jim Butcher, Ted Dekker, Ted Mooney) may have had the same idea.

  3. I have recently found Monster Hunter International at my local library. I like what I have read so far (the entire book, and everything linked in your “My Fiction” page) , and I would nominate you, but it looks like you’ll get plenty of nominations without my help. I especially liked what I read in the sample chapters of Hard magic. Because of those sample chapters, I’m planning on buying all of your books, as soon as I get the money.

  4. I think lots of the regular NPR crowd are huddled in corners having hissy fits. I gotta say I was bummed that you weren’t actually trying to get someone to bomb NPR.

  5. You had me with just the title. Actually clicking on NPR’s icky website to vote is possible, too, if not nearly so much fun. I just hope none of their nasty progressive-elitist bits and bytes stick to my browser and cause it to suddenly point to Kos or Andrew Sullivan. Maybe I’ll surf a bunch of gun-babe sites afterward just to maintain the balance.

  6. so… i’m just wondering. and really sorry about your balls. but i think you missed a tom strange Monday

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