We Con the World


It’s okay now though, because the news has explained to us that the problem isn’t that the IDF shot the guys that were stabbing them with knives and hitting them with pipes, the problem is because they responded with “disproportionate” force.  Which is ironic, because that’s the exact same word that Felipe Calderone used to describe the horrors of one of our Border Patrol shooting a Mexican drug trafficer that was about to brain said agent with a rock.

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  1. I blogged a bit about this at my other blog: for people who want to come to the U.S. and a) abide by the law b) pay their taxes c) speak some English d) not hate on the country, I say, welcome aboard, we need more of you.

    For the drug trafficker scumbags… A wall, a blindfold, a cigarette, and some .223 to a vital organ.

    How’s that for dispraportionate? (LOL)

    Israel will never get a fair shake from the world. Never. I think Jew-hating is the national passtime of most of the United Nations these days. Seriously. Helen Thomas just said what everyone had been thinking for years.

    Good think the Israelis aren’t the kind of folks who roll over for punks.

  2. By that logic the Israelis should pull out the bayonets, rifle butts, and obviously the border patrol agent should have found his own big rock to brain the other guy with.


  3. The Israelis are going to be condemned for a “disproportionate response” by the UN and the rest of the world’s bleeding hearts and tyrants regardless of how much restraint they show. With that in mind, the IDF might as well just torpedo or Harpoon the next blockade runner that shows up off the Gaza coast.

    The crews of the previous vessels the Israelis stopped were reportedly looking for Islamic martyrdom, so one might as well give them what they want…

    Pity the IDF can’t somehow airdrop a D9 Cat onto and through the deck and hull of the MV Rachel Corrie, in honor of the vessel’s namesake, when the Corrie makes her own attempt to run the Gaza blockade. On the other hand, I suspect a 500-pound LGB or Harpoon warhead would have much the same effect…


  4. What galls me is the morons here that criticize the Israelis for ”disproportionate” force but will accept gladly a verdict of self defense if they shoot anybody coming at them with pipes or knives.

  5. Every time I read the news I think more and more that the appropriate question to ask ourselves is W.W.G.D ? or What Would Genghis Do?

    Or possibly Tamerlane.

    It’s only disproportionate when you go after their families afterword.

  6. Jon,
    The BP agent did find his own rock with which to brain the other guy. It’s just that the BP agent’s rock had been melted, cast. Oh and it was thrown by a modern rock thrower. Ya just can’t throw a rock fast enough without a modern rock thrower.

  7. Schoolyard bullshit. “Fight fair!”

    Like hell. Attack me, and you will learn the true meaning of an unfair fight.

    The appropriate proportional response to the use of ANY deadly force is more deadly force than the perp knows what to do with.

    1. Isn’t that the old Chicago way?
      They come at you with a knife, you pull a gun.
      They come at you with a gun, you pull back and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  8. My Drill Sergeant once said,

    “FAIR?!? ‘Fair’ is a weather forecast! The ‘fair’ is where you go to ride ponies and east cotton candy! It as no meaning in combat!”

  9. Right couldn’t see the clip but it sounds hilarious. However I’m with the people who say that the Israelis used disproportionate force.

    They should have just turned the ships around without boarding or sunk them if they didn’t comply with their demands to return to open water or to another port.

    I’m not sure of the exact set of circumstances leading up to the boarding but whoever ordered it was an idiot. I’m no naval warfare expert but that just seems like a whole bunch of stupid. Does anybody know how well the Israeli navy is trained?

    As for the Mexican Drug/Civil War I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that mess! Personally I’m for the legalisation of drugs for recreational use although I only drink and don’t smoke or use anthing harder.

    I think you guys should offer all of Mexico the option to become part of the United States of America. You can make the offer and if they refuse it then you can say ‘Well we did offer for you guys to become a part of the USA and you didn’t take it’. If they take it up you guys expand your country, get rid of most of the illegal alien problem, and get a bunch of probably pretty motivated new citizens.

    It does swing the ethnicity of the country towards a hispanic orientation but its already heading in that direction anyway. Only way to fix that is for Anglos to start having more kids!

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