Holy sample chapters, Batman! 5 sample chapters from Monster Hunter Vendetta

I just noticed that on the page to order the eARC, you can read the 1st 5 sample chapters now.  It looks like they’re not totally formatted yet. (Italics seem to be missing) but they’ll get that tuned up pretty quick I’m sure. 


Then if you like it, you can go ahead and get the whole darn thing now. I just paid way too much for a car repair, so order many many books.

Attempt to go to post office FAIL
Interview with Jason Cordova

15 thoughts on “Holy sample chapters, Batman! 5 sample chapters from Monster Hunter Vendetta”

  1. Note- don’t go there unless you have a few hours and $15 to spare. After reading the first five chapters of free crack, I just had to pony up and read the rest. And wasn’t able to stop till I finished it all.

  2. I’ve read the 5 chapters. I want to pull the trigger on the digital copy…but I’m forcing myself to wait (this is the ultimate in personal torture), because I just want to finish it in dead tree format. I wish September would get here already.

    Any word on hard cover format for MHI, MHV, and MHA when they’re all released? Would love that for my bookshelf.


  3. +1 to what Jon in PNG said. I thought I could resist and wait it out but ended up buying it instantly and finishing the whole thing in about 5 hours (bought it around 7:30 lastnight finished around 12:30)

    Definitely going to get a paper copy in the fall and if Larry does come out with an extra nice nice set of them all I’ll probably get that too.

    It’s about 3/4 as awesome as MHI which is still pretty freaking awesome and it’s a great sequel with plenty of laughed-so-hard-i-can’t-breathe moments 🙂

  4. More like 85-90% as awesome as MHI. Some of the parts where I didn’t enjoy/hard to follow were probably somewhat due to the lateness of the hour and tiredness. I still couldn’t put it down and will re-read it this weekend.

  5. After reading the sample chapters of the awesomeness that is The Grimnior Chronicles, I wasn’t sure I cared about the MHI series anymore. I am firmly back into MHI after reading the sample chapters. Can’t wait for the printed version.

  6. not so into the whole earc thing but the sample chapters rocked. i agree with adam that after grimnoir samples i wasn’t sure MHI even mattered anymore but now i’m dying for the real paper version to be available.

  7. Heh, I just now received an e-mail from Baen stating that MHV was available as an ARC. That would be three days after I had already bought it, and spent a sleepless night reading the whole thing in one go.

    I really liked the book, but for some reason after staring at my computer monitor for seven straight hours my eyelids started making a weird scraping noise when I blinked.

    Also, I would like to ask that in a future installment, could Agent Myers get folded, spindled, and/or mutilated? Thanks.

  8. Larry,

    Just finished MHV. Fantastic! The troll…what can I say? Everybody hates trolls, but you really took it to the next logical step.

    Definitely a purchase when released.

    BTW, how long until they start doing HC? Definitely sign me up for them. I’ve added you to my list of Ringo, Weber, Kratman, and Flint for the “must purchase now” category instead of the “will purchase when the money is available”.

  9. 1/2 way through MHV. Outstanding work!

    Actually looking forward for the magic film noir superhero book, read the chapters on 5th Imperium, AND WANT MORE!!!

    Done good, played strong

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