The plot thickens…

After my last post about Supreme Court nominee, Kevin James, astute readers pointed out that the picture was actually of Elena Kagan, and in fact, not of Mr. James. Apparently neither one of them has ever actually been a judge.

But look at this picture! Photographic evidence that Kevin James, is in fact, Mrs. Kagan!  I believe that this is all an elaborate stunt to promote a new family comedy called Here Comes The Judge. Monster Hunter Nation was able to get an early version of the script (mostly because I’m actively stalking the crew of Will Smith’s sadly misnamed “monster hunters” movie). In the script Mr. James plays an ice cream man, who through a series of hillarious coincidences, is accidentaly placed on the US Supreme Court.  Mr. James, because he is just such a nice guy, will teach all the other crusty old justices to love again and to have more compassion, through a series of adventures involving a cartoon moose trying to save a shelter for abandoned puppies. At the end of the movie, this will all be shown to be a big misunderstanding, and everyone will learn a heartwarming lesson for the whole family and Kevin James’ character will marry his high school sweetheart.

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  1. Kagan is not qualified on the basis of character “Judicial

    temperament” or experience.This is as bad as the Clarence Thomas nomination.ick.

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