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I took another pistol class last Saturday. It was taught by a friend of mine, George Hill, the Ogre of  George has teamed up with Crusader Weaponry to teach carbine, shotgun, and pistol out at the Buckskin Hills range in Vernal.  This was his basic class, but I never turn down any opportunity to take any shooting class, ever. Even the worst class I’ve ever taken I’ve still managed to learn something, even if it was, “I will never do THAT!”  Luckily, since George is an awesome instructor, it was totally worth the refresher.

My buddy/D6 co-author Nightcrawler had just gotten back from EOD school, and hadn’t hardly shot for a year. I’m rusty as heck, and the last time I’ve actually managed to touch off a round was about six months ago. (Yes, I know, I suck—but in my defense, deadlines and moving!) Hopefully, we figured we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves too badly.  To help not look like a completely ineffectual dork, I decided to take my STI Cheater Heater, i.e. the gun that makes me look like I’m better than I actually am.  This was a surprisingly easy decision, since because of the move, I’ve only kept out three handguns, one is a teensy-tiny Kahr MK9, the other is a poly Kimber 1911 but somehow I managed to pack all my spare mags for it in the wrong box, that is buried somewhere in storage.

Then, I discovered that somebody who helped me move had very helpfully put the box that held most of my holsters and gear into the wrong truck, so all my good stuff for the STI was stashed somewhere in the storage unit. (yes, building a house is a pain).  Because the STI 4.15 Tactical is an odd gun, you can’t just pick up good kydex at Sportsman’s.  I tried to get a good range holster shipped in, and managed to get one on the way (thanks, Rabbit) but it didn’t arrive in time, so I ended up sticking my $1,500 gun into a floppy, crappy, $20 Uncle Mike’s Nylon POS pancake.   Bleh. Good holsters spoil you.

On Saturday, at the absurd hour of 4:30 in the AM, Nightcrawler and I set out on the four hour drive to Vernal.  The Uintah Basin is a pretty area, and would probably do just fine if society collapsed, provided they even noticed.  I made one last ditch stop at George’s store Basin Sports in Vernal to see if they had something better than the Uncle Mike’s for my STI, but no luck. Though it was pretty awesome for my ego when I opened my pistol case and the guy at the counter saw my MHI grips and said “Holy crap! Are you Larry Correia!?” Normally, when I get that reaction it is because A. I somehow owe them money. Or B. They want me to autograph a book.  Luckily this was B.

We hit the range and class started at 9:00. The Buckskin Hill’s range is nice and has a great view. I don’t think I’d seen George in person since 2008. We got rolling, and had a great time. It took me a few mags to get warmed up, but after I got switched on, I shot surprisingly well.

Nightcrawler did extremely well. He’s an odd duck, in that he’s a young guy who shoots a revolver, and to be even weirder, he does it left handed.  This was about a 250 round class, so as you can imagine, he really had to work those speed loaders.  With me shooting my half-a-box of 9mm per mag STI, he had to reload 3 or 4 times for every one of mine. But the scary thing is, that even with all that reloading, Mike keeps up.  The two of us were the most experienced shooters amongst the students,  so it was a good thing that we actually represented, because George really talked us up to the others before we got started.  Nightcrawler also surprised everyone at one point by running his .357 dry with two targets left on a drill, but smoothly drawing his .38 snubby backup from his pocket to give each a controlled pair. He also managed to do it on video, so Mike wins the internets.!/video/video.php?v=1260140233023&ref=mf

Dave Sohm and his father showed up to do some videotaping for George.  Dave was one of my old students, and it was really good to see that he’s still shooting really well.  Plus, I’m glad he brought his dad, because as they were being introduced, he stopped, and said, “Wow. You’re Larry Correia? THE Larry Correia?”  And I didn’t owe him money, either!  This novelist thing is pretty sweet.

I felt rusty, and my movements weren’t nearly as efficient as they should be. I’ve been neglecting my practice for too long, and have been too busy to shoot any 3gun, IPSC, or IDPA, and it showed, but I do have to admit that I’m pretty pleased with how I did overall.  I brought close to 300 rounds, fired all of them, but only missed about ten shots (and I remember Every. Single. One.)  My personal belief is that when I’m shooting a 9mm, I try to shoot twice as much as everybody else, that way they can’t give me any crap about shooting a wimpy cartridge. And I so love my STI. It really does shoot like a .22.  So my goal when I shoot a 9mm is to make that thing sound like a full auto.  For example, here Mike and I engage a target while retreating. I think I fired ten rounds on that one, all COM hits.!/video/video.php?v=1260166553681&ref=mf

George’s class was great.  The refresher was good, and it was even better to see the new folks soaking up information. He really is a personable teacher, and has a good set of instruction.  If you are looking for some firearms instruction in the Utah area, I totally recommend giving the Mad Ogre a call. Plus, he’s running for the Utah state legislature. This is the kind of guy who needs our support. I have no doubt George would kick ass in the legislature.

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17 thoughts on “Crusader pistol class”

  1. How does one get MHI grips? For a Springfield Armory 1911 .45? Or for anything?
    Please forgive me if you’ve answered this question before – just point me to the link.
    A $1500 pistol? Arrrgg – I need to start consulting.

    1. Ralph, if you do a search for MHI logo or grips, you’ll find some cool ones. I can’t remember off the top of my head who made them, but somebody on here made some custom 1911 grips with the logo.

  2. it must be nice live out west where there is room for shooting. in the northeast it can be very hard to find even a range to shoot in! they all closed down one by one, stupid liberals get you one way or other.

  3. The second link doesn’t appear to be public. Whom do I have to friend to see that?!

    To Craig: Plenty of ranges in NH!

    1. New Dave, it is from Dave Sohm. Go over to my page on Facebook and I’ve got it there too. Dave’s putting up more videos too.

  4. Let me see, the Mad Ogre, the GunDoctor, Larry, and Nightcrawler on one range. I’m surprised that the range was able to contain so much awesomeness. I bet Chuck Norris cried because he wasn’t there.

    1. Chuck Norris doesn’t cry- in fact he has to use a stunt double when the script calls for crying scenes…

  5. A young left-handed wheelgunner?

    If he uses a S&W 686P with a 6″ barrel, I may have a clone.

    Oh wait, you said he’s a *good* shot. Never mind. I’m probably the ‘special’ clone-of-a-clone…

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