Understanding terrorism is as easy as understanding racism!

A few times in the recent past, I, as a “Wise Latino”, have had to explain to my readership what is, and is not racism. (remember Correia’s one simple rule, and you’ll be fine!)


After watching the news for the last few days though, I’ve come to the realization that I need to spread my wisdom further, as there seems to be some other misunderstanding about the definition of another word and how it is applied, and that word, my friends, is TERRORISM!

It seems that in the immediate aftermath of the US adopting the most screwed-up, phone book sized, piece of socialist crap that has ever been foisted upon the American public , for some odd reason many Americans are upset. Surely, this anger can’t be because we have fundamental philosophical differences with the idea of the government actually owning our lives, or the fact that most of us didn’t want this, or that we can do math and realize that it was designed to fail, or that it was only passed through bribery or extortion by a bunch of corrupt demagogues in the greatest orgy of stupidity in our history. Surely this isn’t a righteous anger. Nope. That can’t be it at all.

No. We’re just angry because Fox news has whipped us into a frenzy and all of us out here in flyover country are too dumb to grasp the wisdom of turning our healthcare over to the IRS.

In fact, it was recently pointed out by majority whip, James Clyburn, that such fiery rhetoric is actually terrorism. See, if you disagree with democrats, you are inciting people to anger, and that is terrorism. So, let me help you guys out here:

Disagreeing with democrats and being righteously pissed = TERRORISM

Disagreeing with republicans and being righteously pissed = NOT TERRORISM (in fact, this is your highest patriotic duty)

Terrorism is often easily confused. This is understandable. Especially if you are a racist hatemonger, like most of the red-staters clinging to their guns and religion that frequent my blog… For example, many of you may have incorrectly assumed that the dickhead major who shot up Fort Hood was a terrorist. That would be wrong. Janet Napolitano said so.

For example: Shooting a bunch of US soldiers in an act of premeditated murder designed to strike fear in the name of Allah in holy jihad and approved by Al Queda = NOT TERRORISM

Leaving the following actual message on Bart Stupak’s answering machine on the other hand; “Congressman Stupak, you baby-killing mother f—er. … I hope you bleed out your a–, get cancer and die, you mother f—er,” = OBVIOUS TERRORISM

(even though I think I got that same message in the comments of my HK Because You Suck, and We Hate You post)

This is a close correlation to my earlier explanation of what constitutes racism. When a conservative does anything, it is bad. When a liberal does anything, it is good. See, last week, before Stupak totally sold out like a flailing pansy, he was getting similar hate mail from people on the LEFT, who were angry that he was holding up Health Control by insisting that maybe we shouldn’t use the tax money of people who are opposed to abortion to fund the amendment providing all-you-can-eat fetus sandwiches to Rahm Emmanuel.

So when Stupak was getting angry calls from pro-abortion, pro-healthcare types = NOT TERRORISM

Spitting on Emmanuel Cleaver, D – Missouri = TERRORISM!!!

Shooting a bullet into Eric Cantor’s office R – Virginia = NOT TERRORISM!!!

Ironically the people who actually monitor this stuff for a living are saying that the threats aren’t really that much bigger than normal. But that isn’t going to change the narrative. Basically the dems have done something horrid, and they know it, and their leader is out there swaggering around like a rapper in a bad video going on about how awesome he is, daring us to try and repeal it, and generally being a dick and rubbing it in. The dems know that they’re going to get pummeled in November, and they really need to take the media spotlight off their awful law ASAP and back where it needs to be, i.e. pointing out how horrible, racist, and dangerous people like veterans and tea-partiers are.

The real lesson here is that people are righteously angry, and whenever you get enough folks angry, somebody is going to get a brick chucked through their window. I’m actually rather impressed by the amount of restraint being shown by my side. There’s usually more violence after a big football game. They are right to be concerned though. We’re tired of being pushed, and poked, and taxed, and bossed, and harassed, and audited, and controlled, and monitored, and pushed, and pushed, and pushed. It is kind of a given that eventually somebody is going to snap and push back. Apparently this is absolutely shocking…

But don’t worry, when it inevitably happens, that one crazy guy will be construed to represent the tens of millions of us who also don’t like being pushed, and that will give them an even better excuse to pass more laws so that they can push us even harder.

Gee whiz… What could possibly go wrong?

The RentenDollar: A conspiracy theory OR Please tell me where I'm wrong.
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21 thoughts on “Understanding terrorism is as easy as understanding racism!”

  1. What could go wrong? everything.’
    I agree with what you’ve said, and despite what the dems have said about disagreeing with them, and throwing bricks through their windows. They’re wrong. This is the beginning of the storm. It’ll get worse before it gets better.

  2. I’m scared. Not of people throwing bricks through the windows of politicians, but afraid of how the Left will use the actions of a few against the rights of the many. I pray to God no one shoots Obama or any of his toadies. I can only imagine the implications that would have for Republicans and Libertarians. All it’s going to take is one shooting and I can see Big Brother trying to push through some Gun control legislation.

    Maybe they are just trying to divert the attention of all the bleating sheep. I, paranoid guy that I am, suspect something more sinister.

  3. Nick, you and I share the same sentiments there. What’s to say that if one person goes nuts, that they won’t suspend the constitution and bill of rights in this time of crisis? Remember, Rahm Emanuel’s motto: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste — and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.”

    1. Aaron,
      Next on the agenda I believe is Immigration Reform. If they push that through..then I’m afraid it won’t be a matter of IF bloodshed breaks out, but how fast, widespread and who gets dead.
      On one of the boards I frequent I mentioned that I was seriously thinkin it was time and past time to get my bugout put together. One of the ladies on that board I like who married into the Army told me to stop listening to people with tinfoil hats and chill out. Everything will work out before it comes to blows. Sadly..I believe she’s wrong.

  4. Is there a Kansas City shuffle going on?

    There will be blood, and it wont be pretty, but like others have said our best weapon against these fools isn’t bricks it’s the ballot box.

  5. What I said when the reports first came in was that if they decided that they wanted to run the country like a banana republic, they shouldn’t be surprised when other people make the same decision. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  6. I hope it won’t come to a shooting conflict, but it looks more and more like it will. I think that once they’ve got the health care part behind them, they’ll do something else that will rile up even more people, and then another agenda item that will cause that many more to be willing to throw bricks.

    At some point the ones in power will try to declare martial law, and that’s going to tip a LOT of people into resisting… from there it’s likely to be civil war. Frankly, it resembles the slide from democracy that’s happened to other countries in the past. Hopefully, we can keep from going down that road.

  7. There’s this book, Enemies Foreign and Domesic by Matthew Bracken about Big Bro taking advantage of a shooting at a sports stadium. I really hope it’s my over active imagination but I keep thinking about what if it comes to war. I’m afraid for my family. I’m afraid for America.

  8. Who’s calling it terrorism? I’ve heard quite a few adjectives used to describe the window breaking and name calling but that hasn’t been one of them.

  9. You know..I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the Dems and Obama are pushing this hard for a reason. The crazy bastards and bitches are trying to provoke an outbreak of violence, so they can suspend the constitution. At this point it’s one of the few things that makes sense as an explanation. A scary as fuck explanation, but an explanation none the less.
    I mean lets look at what they’ve already done or planning on doing.
    1 The bailouts. -they bailed out the banks and the banks were fucking stupid enough to reach for it. Thereby allowing the government to dictate to the banks. Telling execs who the could pay, what they could pay them, telling execs to sell their corporate jets, fly commercial like everyone else. Telling execs that contracts for pay weren’t to be honored and if they were..they were gonna be taxed almost 100%.
    2. The bailouts of the auto industry- again the industry was fucking STUPID enough to take the handouts thereby making them no damn good to anyone and allowing the government to dictate how, who, where, what, when, and why.
    3-The Stimulus bill that was supposed to create jobs- Guess what they’ve only spent about a third of that..the rest is still sitting there unspent. And the jobs? Invariably they were all government jobs.
    4-The Jobs bill- again supposed to create jobs. Again an abysmal failure. Gov’t doesn’t create jobs. People and the free market economy create jobs.
    5- They granted the EPA broader powers- Now the EPA is talking about making the pollution and emissions controls waaaay tighter. Thereby KILLING the job market.
    6. Cap and Trade-yet more rules we don’t need to save a planet that doesn’t need to be saved because WE don’t affect it THAT much. To think otherwise is hubris and “I am God’ type thinking.
    7.;the Health Care Clusterfuck.- A bill that will give government control over something it has NO business being in control of. It will kill the job market further as Doctors say fuck it and retire rather than deal with increased cost and less money coming in. Some that stay in will flat out refuse to accept medicare, medicaid, etc.
    Seriously do you want your doctor telling you what needs to be done? Or some faceless fucking bean counter in DC, who will decide that well it’s invariably fatal therefore not cost effective to treat this person? It’s coming if the States can’t stop it in the courts.
    8. Coming soon to your country, Immigration reform- Which will grant amnesty, citizenship, voting and other privilages to an estimated 12-30million illegals who couldn’t be bothered to come into the country and get their citizen ship the way others have..by actually going thru the system.

    Those were just off the top of my head. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome To My Nightmare.


    BTW bonus points if you can tell me where the qouted text is from. I’ll give you the year it was written cuz I’m a nice guy. 1986

  10. Call me paranoid, but I would not be surprised if somebody from Blue Team is planning a False Flag incident, just in case we don’t go along with the “push us to flashpoint” strategy…

      1. I learned a hard lesson early in life from being in a special program with a lot of my town’s political/socialite families’ kids in elementary school:

        “Never trust anyone any farther than the extent of your leverage over them.”

  11. SCTUS has affirmed a lower court decision that “Enemy Combatants” are not “Persons” and thus not subject to Habeas Corpus petitions and are thus “Outlawed” in the old sense.An “Enemy Combatant” is anyone the Prez,or his designee decides is an “Enemy Combatant” with no appeal possible.There have been no decisions regarding whether or not the Animal Cruelty or Bestiality Statutes apply to “Enemy Combatants” to my knowledege,but I await the learned decisions of the judicial arbiters with awed respect.

  12. I find it absolutely disgusting that people think “Red-States” (typically Southern ones) are vicious, blood-thirsty, and overly-militaristic. Not to mention stupid. And it’s not a recent thing. The history books say the Civil War was fought over slavery, but that’s mostly just a scapegoat for the North. They didn’t like the fact Southerners could function without them. They were trading with Europe, not the North, and didn’t want the government saying the couldn’t; it benefited their economy. Two lessons there: the winners write the history, and if you ever want to know why something happened, why ANYTHING happens, follow the freaking money.

    1. Um… no. Historical literacy is evidently not your strong suit. Or more likely, you’re repeating the disgraceful drivel from the so-called “Politically Incorrect History of the United States,” a book rejected by conservatives for its profound dishonesty.

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