8 thoughts on “Moved”

  1. Moving is always a hassle, but at least once it’s over, it’s over. Assuming you don’t have spend forever unpacking all your stuff.

  2. You mentioned the patches, I was wondering if you finally have more in stock. I’d like to order one. If there are some available just lemme know and I’ll send in an order.

    1. Nick, I do have some. Check the buy stuff link at the top. Though I’m still getting caught up from the move, it might take me a few days.

  3. hey larry dont use paypal so would u send me a mailing address i would like to order some patches thanks

  4. I just ordered a patch. I figured it was long past time to get one. 🙂

    Oh and guys, Paypal may be evil, but it’s a convenient evil. *Runs and hides*

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