12 thoughts on “Holy crap, Vendetta is on Amazon!”

  1. You know Marxtards: “Once an Evil Gunshop Owner, always an Evil Gunshop Owner… even if you repent and join the Cult of Brady.”

    Guess who runs Amazon?

    1. The Amazon page said September 28. This makes me think that MHV will be part of Baen’s October book release

      Baen typically makes each month’s book release available as an ebook for $6.00 on the 20th of the proceeding month.

      If you don’t want to dig around Baen’s web page looking, you can find Larry’s book(s) at:


      If you set up an account on http://www.webscriptions.com, you can have the site email you when new ebooks become available.

  2. I haven’t pre-ordered yet but I will soon.

    Now…Two things:
    #1. Aw **** this is gonna be good. Franks being Owens bodyguard…that should lead to some epic scenes.

    #2. Jump on Baen to release the first 7 chapters again.

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