Go Scott Brown! 

The fact that there is even a race for the seat that Ted Kennedy kept warm for 47 years is shocking.  There are three times as many registered democrats in Massachusetts as there are republicans.  This would be like Orrin Hatch dying and Utah electing Rocky Anderson to replace him.

Hmmm… how popular is that whole health care thing again?  Pay attention democrats who are voting on this piece of crap that nobody likes or understands.  This is Massa-friggin-chusetts we’re talking about here.  Up until this week I thought that there was only a couple of republicans in the whole state, and one of those was JayG from MArooned.  Now, in the bluest of blue states, you are neck to neck. Would you like to keep your cushy job?

People are pissed. They’re out of work. They’re broke. The companies they’re working for are hurting, and they sure as hell aren’t going to start hiring when they suspect they’re going to get sodomized with a garden weasel this year.  The stock exchange takes an upward jump as soon as there is a teensy possibility that Brown could become the 41st vote and block this thing… but you still don’t seem to get the message. 

Maybe getting your ass kicked in Kennedytopia will get your attention?  Heck, even being close should scare the crap out of you.  It doesn’t get much bluer than Mass.  What’s going to happen in normal purple America?  I think it will be remembered as ELECTION 2010 – THE BLOODLETTING.

WOOT!! Go Mass!
Reporter gets shoved around by a thug in Mass election.

18 thoughts on “GO SCOTT BROWN!”

  1. Even a friend of mine from HS who was a pretty standard Arizona Dem growing up now lives in Mass and is a Brownie. Go figure the Dems are digging deeper and their big fix plan is to dig EVEN DEEPER!

  2. I am no longer a resident of Massachusetts, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to pay $100 every year for a non-resident permit. Not that a Republican senator will change that, but it might turn the tide for later reform.

  3. Hot damn! How in the world are the Dems gonna find a fast enough paper shredder and a big enough magnet to make that extra hundred thousand votes go away! Me thinks they be fooked.

  4. As someone who had a front row seat to Gregoire’s theft — errr, I mean, the Dems’ theft of the WA governorship on behalf of Gregoire — I consider it something of a treat to see a young Republican snatch up the Kennedy feifdom.

    What’s the old saying? The King is dead, long live the King?

    Brown put enough distance between himself and his opponent, the Dems couldn’t possibly manufacture enough votes to close the gap. Wish Rossi had had the same luck a few years back, alas the Peoples Republic of King County wasn’t about to let a Republican take up roost in Olympia without a major fight.

    Vote the dead. Vote the criminals. Vote the illegals.

    Dem constituency at work!

  5. Buyer’s remorse is running rampant. It makes me sad these “leaders” are just now realizing many people do not like what they’re trying to do. Obama won the election by a very small majority. Regardless of what the media says, there are still large numbers of people in America that don’t want this garbage.

    Maybe this will begin to open a few eyes. If not, I just hope more Americans remember.

  6. Stolen from a twitter feed in huffpo comments:

    RT @Mr_Sterling: Schadenfreude isn’t a strong enough word for what I experienced when Kennedy’s seat went GOP. Schadengasm?

  7. I doubt they’ll remember anything on a national level without actual bloodletting. Here’s hoping the November election goes the same way Brown did.

  8. I was amazed at the excitement and energy in this state when I went to vote yesterday. Who would have thought that a dem could so thoroughly piss off the constituency in Mass?

  9. Even Barney Frank is saying that he should be sworn in before any cotes on the healthcare bill is conducted. Barney Freaking Frank!

  10. The American people are seriously pissed. It took a while but we have had enough of these idiots wiping their butts with the constitution.

    Yes mid term election 2010 will be a bloodbath.

    Remember it took a Carter before we got a Reagan. So who knows?

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