Reporter gets shoved around by a thug in Mass election.

Watch the video.  Interesting…

Now ask yourself, if this reporter had been from MSNBC or the New York Times and had been shoved around by a Republican candidate’s people, do you think there might be a teensy bit of coverage?   There would probably be 24 hour coverage on every network and all sorts of outrage and demands for hearings.  But since it is a guy from a conservative magazine who gets shoved around by a DNC employee it is like, meh, whatever.  That’s what he gets for standing in the way of progress.  

Personally, if I had been the reporter, I would have knocked Mr. Meehan the $%& out. But then again, that’s probably why I wouldn’t be a very good reporter.

I’m also loving how the race for Ted Kennedy’s seat in the absolute bluest of blue states is now actually a race. Take note democrats who voted for this stupid health care monstrosity.  If voting for the piece of crap can get you fired in Kennedytopia, imagine what is going to happen to you in regular purple America.

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10 thoughts on “Reporter gets shoved around by a thug in Mass election.”

  1. I don’t know why everyone is fussing about.

    I watched the video when the story hit Drudge. All I saw was some cracker from the Blues smacking down some cracker from the Reds somewhere in bean town for dissin’ his homey.

    Where’s the news there?

  2. I can say that as a MA resident, it’s been pretty fun to watch. Martha Coakley’s one gift to the world has been a very good example of How Not To Run An Election. She’s been completely tone-deaf from the start, with an attitude that said “You may as well vote for me, you horrid rabble.”

    So now the horrid rabble is taking a long second look at her and saying, “You are a terrible DA who couldn’t convict Hitler. In your one case before the US Supreme Court, you argued that incompetent lab techs shouldn’t have to be cross-examined. And you have an annoying accent.. The Evil Nasty Republican is a guy who’s shown some basic competence in his job, and actually talks to people like a real human being. Martha, please go away and STFU.”

    It has been GLORIOUS.

    1.’s news is practically right next to MSNBC in my own opinion. moslty they just publish useless news, or news that most people dont inheritantly know, (but all you need is a google search), but i havne seen an article from them that i had any particular afiliation to, since i’ve known their news section.

  3. Scott Brown’s got an uphill climb, that’s for sure. For starters, look at the riff raff he associates with…

    If he wins, it will be the single biggest upset since, well, David slew Goliath…

  4. “If voting for the piece of crap can get you fired in Kennedytopia, imagine what is going to happen to you in regular purple America.”

    Where’s the button on your blog to forward that line to every single politician in America?


  5. Okay, okay, okay. Remember how I said that MC Hamster was the textbook example of How Not To Run A Campaign? I’m beginning to think she now qualifies as The Worst Candidate in The Entire Universe.

    Her hard-hitting, leave-no-prisoners Opposition Research Team has come out with the goods on Mr. Brown…he owns REAL ESTATE! And has a TIME-SHARE CONDO! In ARUBA! A regular Scrooge McDuck, he is. Probably has a big vat of gold coins he goes swimming in every day.

    I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  6. It’s interesting how this person, who deems themselves important, wanted to avoid being questioned, and all of a sudden some guy appears and demands to see credentials, is physically shoving and reaching inside the reporter’s coat, (touching = assault and battery) keeping the reporter away as the candidate walks away. Then when the reporter asked the campaign who that guy was, they replied that they didn’t know that guy. Sure, he’s just a good samaritan who wanders the streets, randomly checking to see if people are reporters, and standing up for the privacy of candidates for public office who don’t want to answer any more questions. Yeah. That must be the truth.

  7. On a totally unrelated note:
    Monster Hunter Tri, a video game that has nothing to do with your stuff Larry, though it got my hopes up for a second–

    I thought someone might want to know, in case of lawsuits and such!

  8. wow. that would make me mad. thats all i can really say on the matter. other than the following response of wanting to follow meehan down a nice dark ally. perhaps it’s just the way i grew up, but disrespect is a two way street, with a ‘not-so-often travled’ dirt road at the corner named vengence lane….

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