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Who wants a Hold The Pig Steady shirt?  Here is the Cabbage Point Killing Machine official world tour shirt.  Yes, you too can be part of heavy metal history.   http://www.cafepress.com/cpkm  Check them out.

Toni from Baen contacted me the other day. The manuscript with her revisions for Monster Hunter Vendetta is on the way to me. She had a few things that she thought needed some work, but it isn’t going to be anything too hard to fix. As usual, her comments were spot on, and made me think to myself, “why didn’t I think of that the first time?”  But that’s why she runs a major publishing house an gets paid the big bucks.   MHV is still on track to be out in Fall of 2010.

Mike just finished the rough of his half of Dead Six. He’s going through and editing now. We’ll get those two bits edited together and get it submitted. It is awesome.  

Meanwhile, I’m still working on Monster Hunter Alpha. It is coming along. 

Monster Hunter International is still selling well.  For some reason Barnes & Noble has decided that for January MHI is to go back on the New Paperback display in every store.  That is awesome placement.  Plus, I just got my first copies from the 3rd printing of MHI.  They say 1st Baen Printing, August 2009. 3rd Baen Printing, December 2009.  Not too shabby!

I will be at Life, The Universe, & Everything sci-fi/fantasy writing conference at BYU on February 12th & 13th.  If you are in Utah, you should try to catch this one, because nearly every published writer in Utah shows up, and Utah has a lot of writers. I had a lot of fun last year, (despite the shocking lack of caffeinated Coke in the food court).

There is an Authorpalooza event at the Sandy B&N sometime in February.  I found out about it from my friend, Paul Genesse (Iron Dragon series).  I don’t remember what day it is, but I’ll post it here.

On patrol with MHI
Not much posting - lack of interwebs on home computer + COD:MW2

9 thoughts on “Updates from the writing world”

  1. I never thought I’d say to myself, “Ya know, I wish I lived in Utah.” I was wrong. Good to hear that MHV is coming along nicely. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. Also, those CPKM shirts are pretty awesome. Did you ever choose a winner for the “Hold the Pig Steady” lyrics writing contest?

    On a completely unrelated note, Larry, how much writing do you think you’ll be doing when Mass Effect 2 comes out? I seem to recall you mentioning that you enjoyed the first one.

  2. Larry, if I smuggle in some caffeinated beverages for you at LTUE, will you smuggle a copy of my military/police SF novel proposal to Toni? (smirk)

    “…thanks again, Toni, for the comments on MHV. Spot-on as always. Oh, and by the way, you know that Brad Torgersen guy? The recent Writers of the Future winner? He’s got this awesome police/military SF series planned. I attached his synopsis and first 50 pages of the first novel for your perusal. It kicks total ass…”

    I figure it would only take a couple of truckloads of Classic Coke to buy that kind of favor. Where do you want me to have the truck, and when?

    Seriously, see you at LTUE. You were nice enough to chat with me at length during last year’s LTUE. Hopefully we get a chance to chat some more this year. Truckloads of illicit Classic Coke, or no. ;^)

  3. I read a blog giving your book a good heads up, and so I bought a copy for each of my girls – they LOVE them. Am looking forward to more coming out so I can send them new ones. Also now that my 16 year old is done with MHI, I can nab it and read it. She is anxious for any new books you come out with.

  4. All right! I will see you at LTUE.
    Oh, and if caffeine is in demand, I always carry some nice water add ins with me at all times. No calories but high energy yumminess.
    I’m trying to get off Mountain Dew, but it is so dang hard. I love my fizzy, sugary, liquid energy.

  5. My gf picked up the 4th copy of MHI I have bought,and now it is gone .If she wasn’t such a good gal I would have kept the book instead of her.

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